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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zynga Releases New Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy

Ok everyone the new Zynga Games,  Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy are out and they go into effect in 30 days. And they did change drastically you will want to read them. Most of you have this this pop up about it come up.

Just so you know you have to accept them if you want to play the game but at least they give you the links to read them first.

I know some of you will not be happy with them & here is just a couple of samples 1 from the Terms of Service. 

2.1. Content Screening

Zynga assumes no responsibility for the conduct of any user submitting any User Content, and assumes no responsibility for monitoring the Service for inappropriate content or conduct.
We do not, and cannot, pre-screen or monitor all User Content. However, at our discretion, our representatives or technology may monitor and/or record your interaction with the Service or communications (including without limitation chat text) when you are using the Service.
By entering into these Terms of Service, you hereby provide your irrevocable consent to such monitoring and recording. You acknowledge and agree that you have no expectation of privacy concerning the transmission of any User Content, including without limitation chat text or voice communications.
If at any time Zynga chooses, in its sole discretion, to monitor the Service, Zynga nonetheless assumes no responsibility for User Content and assumes no obligation to modify or remove any inappropriate User Content. We have the right, but not the obligation, in our sole discretion to edit, refuse to post, or remove any User Content.

And This One from the NEW Privacy Policy :


Information We Collect

Information about You Received from an SNS
When you use any Zynga game at an SNS such as Facebook or MySpace, where our games are also referred to as “applications”, you allow Zynga to access certain information from your profile for that site. The information you allow Zynga to access varies by game and SNS platform, and it is affected by the privacy settings you establish at the SNS. You can control and find out more about these settings at the SNS where you play our games. For example, Zynga may access and store some or all of the following information, as allowed by you, the SNS and your preferences:
  • your first and last name
  • your profile picture or its URL
  • your user ID number, which is linked to publically available information such as name and profile photo
  • the user ID numbers for your friends that are also connected to our game(s)
  • the login e-mail you provided to that SNS when you registered
  • your physical location and that of your access devices
  • your gender
  • your birthday
By playing a Zynga game through an SNS, you are authorizing Zynga to collect, store, and use in accordance with this Privacy Policy any and all information that you agreed the SNS could provide to Zynga through the SNS Application Programming Interface ("API"). Your agreement takes place when you "accept" or "allow" (or similar terms) one of our applications on an SNS.
Information We Collect from You Directly
When you interact with Zynga directly, either through a Zynga game (whether or not on an SNS), at, or any Zynga-owned website, we may collect and store information from you directly as described below:
Registration Information
When you register with us directly, you will be required to provide at least the following information:
  • your age or birthday (for age screening and/or to better understand who our users are)
  • your first and last names
  • your e-mail address (which must be a valid e-mail address)
  • a password and other information that helps us confirm that it is you accessing your account
We may also offer you the option to complete a user profile that is visible to other Zynga users. Your user profile may include:
  • a profile photo
  • one or more game username(s)
  • your gender
  • your interests and hobbies
  • your occupation
  • biographic details that you provide
  • links to your profiles on various SNS
  • details about the games you play
  • a Zynga user ID number, created by Zynga and used to identify your profile
The Zynga user ID number used to identify your account and profile will be public and will appear in the URL of your profile page, but will only permit access to information that is considered public or that you have designated as public in your settings.
Your first and last names and profile picture are considered "public" on Zynga websites that offer direct access to Zynga games and search engines may index this publicly available information. When we offer profiles, we will also offer functionality that allows you to opt-out of public indexing of your public profile information.
We will also offer you the ability to import your address book contacts or manually enter email addresses so that you can (i) locate your contacts on Zynga; and (ii) invite those contacts to join you in our games. We will store those contacts for purposes of helping you and your contacts make connections on our site. If you do not want your contacts stored just follow the instructions available at the "Learn More" link. Passwords provided to Zynga for the purpose of accessing your address book will not be stored.
Information We Receive or Collect When You Access Zynga Games on a Mobile Device
If you play Zynga games on your mobile telephone or other mobile device, we collect your unique device identifier and may collect your telephone number, country, and other information you choose to provide, such as user name, character name, location or e-mail address (i.e., to receive updates about the game).
Payment Information
If you purchase in-game virtual currency or goods from Zynga, we will collect the billing and financial information necessary to process your charges, including your postal and e-mail addresses, depending on your payment method. Zynga may also receive the billing and payment information that you provide when you purchase Zynga virtual goods or currency via a mobile device, such as an iPhone. We use and store this data in the same manner as billing and payment data collected from non-mobile visitors to our games. Our Terms of Service explain our policies and terms relevant to our charges and billing practices. Please note that purchases of Facebook Credits are subject to Facebook policies.
Customer Support Correspondence
When you ask for assistance from our Customer Support team, we will collect and store the contact information you provide (generally your name and e-mail address), information about your game play or activity on the Service, and your user ID number. We will also store the correspondence and any information contained within.
Sweepstakes, Promotions and Loyalty Programs
We receive and store the information you provide, such as a user ID number or valid e-mail address or street address, when you enter any Zynga game promotion, sweepstakes or loyalty program. Promotions which offer prizes (for example, other than virtual currency or virtual goods) will have separate requirements for eligibility and other rules, which you can easily locate and should review before deciding whether to participate.
SMS Notifications
We receive and store the information you provide, including your telephone number, when you sign up to have SMS notifications sent directly to your mobile phone. These messages notify you of in-game activity and may allow you to play the game from your phone. For example, two-way SMS notifications for Mafia Wars allow you to do jobs, fight, and collect virtual money in the game. You will also receive alerts when you are attacked, receive an energy pack or when your mafia needs help. You can adjust the types of notifications you receive and when you receive them by editing your SMS notification settings; just log in to your game account and choose SMS mobile from the Help menu.
Technical and Usage Information
When you access our websites or play our games, we collect (i) certain technical information about your computer system and (ii) usage statistics about your interactions with our websites and games. This information is collected through the use of server log files and tracking technologies to collect and analyze certain types of technical information including cookies. Some of the cookies the Service places on your computer are linked to your user ID number(s). For more information on how we utilize cookies and other tracking technologies please review the "Cookies and Automated Information Collection" portion of Section 3 ("How We Collect Information about You").
Game Toolbars or Game Bars
Users may have the opportunity to download and install a Zynga branded toolbar (the "Toolbar") when playing various games. This Toolbar allows you to monitor your real time status for Zynga games while you are browsing non-Zynga websites. For example, you can view your real time Health, Energy and Stamina in Mafia Wars no matter what website you are viewing. As the Toolbar is improved, it will be automatically updated on your browser. The Toolbar itself does not collect personal information. However, there are some features within the Toolbar that may allow you to provide personal information (e.g. Contact form, Tell-a-friend). Additionally, we may keep statistics regarding toolbar use on an aggregated basis. For more info on the Toolbar and instructions for installing and uninstalling go here. The Toolbar is based on technology provided by Conduit, whose privacy policy is available here.

So I suggest you all read these very well so you all know what you are getting into and what you are making available. 

Here are the links to the New Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:

Here are the links to the Old Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy:

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  1. Too complicated for me to compare and understand well what's change as English is not my mother tongue, so I'm not playing anymore.