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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hey!!! They Made Inventory Page Easier To Find Things

Thank You Jennifer The MW Loot Lady For the Graphic 

Hey everyone they have made it alot easier to find things now in our inventory. No Really !!!

They have given us a search bar to find the exact item we are looking for now. REALLY !!! the best part about this is it works great. All you have to do is type the items name in and click enter and BAM!!! there it is and you dont even have to type the full name in. Lets says you are looking for Ripper Assault Rifles well just type the word Ripper and there you are, right at the item you are looking for. Very Nice !!! 

We have all been asking for this and I even mentioned it on my show about how nice it would be have this, well Zynga heard all of us and listened to us again. WTG Zynga !!! 

Please remember this is a work in progress so the more feed back you give them the better they can improve it. If you want your voice heard then say something in the forums as they are listening and if the idea is good they are doing it. 


  1. yeah but buying has turned to crap

  2. all it did really was make it more difficult... not easier. unless you remember the name of the item which most of us don't! Grrr why must Zynga screw with stuff that works and not fix the stuff that really needs it!!!!!!

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