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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Asked For It, You Got It. Your Old Profile Page Is Back

Ok everyone you asked for it you got it. The Old profile page is back as promised by The developer vsahgal WTG ZYNGA !!! 

Now for those of you who were lost with out it, you got it back and now you will be able to run your MWHelper Item Analyzer again without any issues. 

Just so you all know, they are not changing the inventory page any time soon but I know they are trying to fix the current issues people are having with it and some of the bugs. I also know they will alway be willing to listen to your suggestions on how to improve it so just go to the forums and give them your feedback on it. But please be nice. 

To see your old profile click here


  1. thats awesome!!! So glad they are bringing it back. I say if its not brooken don't fix it... there are so many other issues going on right now that they should address before they change things that are going well.


  2. YESSSSSSSSSS they got somn right for a change

  3. Now I will play a little more..thank's John..

  4. I was ready to hang it up ..with the new changes....they should ask us as players what we want not what they want ~!!!!

  5. aaaahhh sweet relief... "Like" "Like" this :)

  6. that was nice...
    because since they change their view, looks like is more slower than before...

  7. did not work on my account