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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mafia Wars Now Brings Us - Cake Jailbreak - REALLY !?!?!

Well here we go again !!! Mafia Wars is now bring us Cake Jailbreak another crappy beg your friends for items event. I mean come on it was bad enough they gave us all these crappy Thanksgiving events now we are back to this again. 

It is time that they stop for a little while so we can all catch our breath and play the game again. All these crappy missions, beg for gun barrels, beg people to come to your Thanksgiving dinner & beg your friends for dead bee's  is getting real old. I know everyone tells Zynga the same thing in the forums and on their fan page so I am not alone & Zynga's answer to our pleas is, Let them eat Cake, thus the cake event. 

Ok then, well here is the low down on the event with a graphic on it. 

There you have it everyone, I hope this helps you. 

So what's the next couple of events coming up ??? Well the developers seem to be out of ideas and it is the holiday season so look for more of the same stuff with different graphics only with holiday names. It wouldn't surprise me to see a new challenge for New Years called "Save The Baby New Year" or maybe a Boss Fight called "Fight To Free Santa & Save Christmas" or even another Boss Fight called "Help Hanukkah Harry Save Hanukkah", I could be wrong though, LMAO. 

Well I guess thats all I got for now so go ahead and click the picture below to get started collecting those cakes. 

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