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Monday, December 27, 2010

New Challenge Mission From Mafia Wars

Yes, as if there isnt enough going on with Mafia Wars now they add a new challenge on top it called 50,000 Feet. Collect the chutes you need, recruit the mafia member to get more reserve chutes as you go along every 12 hours, and do the jobs to win the loot items.

Yes, you need to recruit more members again. This helps you get more reserve chutes as you go along.

You will get 8 chutes to start and your friends can send you FREE gift chutes to help you get more, or you can just wait 12 hours to get more.

When you complete the Challenge you will get the following items for each chapter. But this time you will not get one, like the last challenge, for finishing each chapter you will get skill points instead. You will only get one for finishing the chapter.

So have fun with this challenge. YAWN !!! Ok Nuff Said !!! 

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