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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mafia Wars 2 Coming Soon

Well we have said it was coming and here is the proof ,

We all said it was coming but they denied it until today as they have just opened up the Fan Page on it. Not much else on it but as the fan page grows with members it will unlock special items you can all get if you decide to play it.

Will this be the end of the main game we dont know but believe me I WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED !!! As soon as I know you will know. 

The new game looks very flashy & is probably and will probably have lots of flash in it and dont be surprised if it has some annoying ZYNGA Muszak like the other games. Here is the promo trailer on it. You be the judge.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Show Is Up / New Properties Coming & Special Hurricane Loot Item Too.

The Show Is Up & we are back after A long Labor Day Weekend and we went over the changes and happenings in Mafia Wars like the the family BOSS fight, We reviewed the return to Cuba & it's missions plus we talked about the rumor on the street that Mafia Wars may be closing in 2012 plus the MW LIVE recap & much more so tune in lots of good stuff here.

***Special Request*** if you live in the Area of Tumwater, Washington A charity that help foster kids is being evicted and needs a new location to keep helping the kids &needs your help DESPERATELY here is her story. If you can help contact either her charity or me and I will forward the info to her.
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some New York Craftable Property Items Updated & New Phobia Crates

Well seems Zynga has changed the values of some of the New York Craftable Property Items. They made them higher and added a Bronze Star next to them.

As you can see both the attack & defense have gone up on some of the items and like I said they are clearly marked with bronze stars. Not sure if they are going to have other stars to go with them like silver, gold & ruby or if maybe they will change them as they will be updating the values in the future and the Bronze star just represent the first upgrade. I will try to find out more on that and let you know. 

Now dont get to excited because they didn't raise the values of the ones you already have made they have made a new category for these new valued items. So you will have the old ones and then any new ones made will be a separate inventory item that's why I think there may be more upgrades to them in the future and they will add a different star for each upgrade but you never know.

Also you will notice the added skills haven't changed just the item value but who know what they will do in the future. Your guess is as good as mine on that one. Yes it would be nice if they changed they increase they skills in the future as the game grows. 

Also Zynga came out with some new crates called Phobia Crates. You think the developers are trying to say something LOL. They seem to have good stuff in them so if you want check em out.