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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Please Help Bring Santa To These Kids

Hi everyone, I dont usually post these things but this story tugged at my heart and I wanted to share it with you all. These poor kids have been through alot and need to have a good Christmas.

If you can help by sending these girls a gift I know the family would love it. Here is the letter I received read it for yourself and decide if you can help these little girls have a Merry Christmas as they definitely have a rough road ahead of them.

As most of you know by now I have been in care of three sweet little girls via the state CPS. It is not permanent so far but they are remaining in my care until they do come to a final decision. Many people are being interviewed in this case due to the mother’s actions of mental abuse on these children and some physical abuse. The parents are now separated and that has brought on more erratic behavior from the mother. CPS has confirmed that the children will likely be with me through Christmas at the very least.

I am asking for help from our Venom family for presents for these little ones. Tim and I are very tight on our funds with me not being about to work. Right now we are not getting any assistance from the state because this is not a "permanent" placement and the parents are so deep in debt they are not able to help either. One of many of their problems. While I know that is their problem..And yes it is, as it stands now these girls are going to be spending Christmas away from their family. I would love for them to wake up here and find presents under the tree and by the fire place that Santa came by and left.

We will be taking them to talk to Santa this weekend and are putting up the tree. There will be pictures coming for that. They are so excited about that. They have NEVER been taken to see Santa before. We have made 3 jars of Reindeer food to throw out on the lawn so that the reindeer can eat while Santa is here leaving presents. We are going to make homemade cookies Christmas Eve to leave for Santa. OH boy..Tim is going to be eating some They are writing letters to Santa too. All of these things they have literally never done.

I would like to ask our family for help. I just want to see these girls wake up Christmas morning and see that Santa did come visit them. The older two know that there is a Santa and wonder why he has not come visit them before. I am not real sure how to answer that. I am not asking for a great deal of gifts, just whatever you can comfortably do. Below is a list with their favorite colors, things, sizes, and a few wishes as well. I would be so very grateful for any help you can do. If you are unable to get to a store and shop and ship a gift, I do have a paypal account. I will leave that to your discretion.

Again Tim and I thank you for your consideration in this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me. Be blessed.

Julie and Tim

Tasha, Age 6
Favorite colors: Pink, Purple, Red, Blue
Size Girls 6-7 (6 pants and 7 shirts) Clothes do not have to be new as long as in like new condition. Consignment shop or thrift store clothes are fine as long as in like new condition.
Dresses probably in a size 6X
Shoes size 13 (toddler??? It is the section before girls) or Girls size 1 same as clothes can be used as long as in like new condition. Shoes would be tennis shoes, bedroom shoes, dress shoes. Needs a new backpack for school, hers is currently getting holes in it. Pink, or Horses, Unicorns, or Princesses’ would be perfect. But get what you can. It does not have to be a real large one but a regular size one.
Tasha loves to draw..Color Wonder would be fantastic. She has the Color Wonder Light Up set but would like more color pads, more markers (does not have to be the light up kind). There is a Barbie set and other theme sets as well. She can also use a nice color pencil set and a artist sketch pad and perhaps a nice huge box of crayons. If one of you can come up with an idea of a nice “tool/art” box that she could keep all of this in neatly that would be another good idea.
She loves Horses, Unicorns, and Princesses
Barbie’s are always good as well as extra Barbie clothes to dress her Barbie.
Board Games: Mouse Hunt, Twister, Princessopoly , she likes puzzles. Uno, She would probably like Chinese checkers, and the game Sorry.

There is a very poignant story behind the one she previously had. I was present when she did this. She had received one from her grandmother in Colorado for her birthday. A family in the neighborhood she was living in at the time lost all their belongings due to a fire. Their house burned down to the ground. Tasha was very sad..And she did not know anyone in the family personally. She made the decision on her own to give the little girl in that family her Easy Bake Oven and the supplies to the oven, as well as a couple of her clothes, a couple stuffed animals, and a couple other toys. She was not prompted to do this by anyone…she did this on her own. When asked why, she said she did not want the little girl to be sad because she did not have anything to play with.
Loralei (Lori) Age 4
Favorite colors: Purple, Green, Orange and horses
She wears size 5-6 girl’s clothes and size 13 (toddler?) / Size 1 girl’s in shoes. She needs Tennis Shoes, bedroom slippers and dress shoes.
Lori just started pre-school today and is in need of school supplies. She will need a backpack. She would like something regular size, girly like a princess or cute one with horses on it. School breaks this Friday for Christmas holidays so it is perfect timing to get this kind of stuff. It would be a neat gift to put it all in the backpack as one gift. I would suggest crayons, number 2 pencils, a 2 pocket folder again pretty and girly. I do not have a supply list, but guessing off the top of my head I would suggest a glue stick.
Lori also likes Color Wonder products. She likes Art. She could use her own set of Art supplies such as a Huge box of Crayons, sketch pads, colored pencils and a case to put it all in.
She could use a new blankie…she likes sleeping with one.
Puzzles age appropriate. Books to read…likes Fancy Nancy. Barbie doll and clothes to change it. She would like a Pillow Pet. In fact both girls would love those.
The Baby Kaydance is easy. She is 18 months.
She looks real cute in Pink, Blue, Dark Green, White, Red, Purple, Black, Brown and White.
Her sizes are 18-24 months but leaning closer to the 18 months. She is fairly petiete. She weighs about 27lbs. Her shoes are for about a 12-18 months size.
She could use some Shoes and Socks for the cooler weather.
Long Sleeved Onesies are good go with her pants.
She loves almost anything. She is really not picky. She loves to snuggle and cuddle.
Stuffed animals are perfect.
Otherwise any Fisher Price Toy age appropriate would be good as well.

With Heartfelt Love and much appreciation
Julie, Tim, John Michael, Eric and Austin...The Tedesco’s

Here is the address to send the Christmas Gifts 
Tim and Julia Tedesco
104 Commons Drive
Evans, Georgia 30809

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