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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things Mother Used To Say

1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE .
"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning.."

2. My mother taught me RELIGION.
"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."

3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"

4. My mother taught me LOGIC.
" Because I said so, that's why."

5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC ..
"If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me."

6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT.
"Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."

7. My mother taught me IRONY.
"Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about.."

8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS .
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONIST.
"Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!"

10. My mother taught me about STAMINA ...
"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone."

11. My mother taught me about WEATHER.
"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it."

12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY.
"If I told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!"

13. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE.
"I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.."

14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION .
"Stop acting like your father!"

15. My mother taught me about ENVY.
"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
"Just wait until we get home."

17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING .
"You are going to get it when you get home!"

18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to get stuck that way."

19. My mother taught me ESP.
"Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?"

20. My mother taught me HUMOR.
"When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me."

21. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT .
"If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."

22. My mother taught me GENETICS.
"You're just like your father."

23. My mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?"

24. My mother taught me WISDOM.
"When you get to be my age, you'll understand."

And my favorite:
25. My mother taught me about JUSTICE .
"One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!"

Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Week In Mafia Wars & What's Coming Next Week

Ok here is what Zynga put out in their Official Mafia Wars Blog and of course I had to add my 2 cents next to the stuff LOL. The worst thing coming are the ROLLBACKS !!! 

Released This Week
Changes to Assassin Boss Fight: The Raven ( Still Sucks ) 
In response to player feedback, we tripled the Sniper Shot drop rate and removed the third achievement, "Requiescat in Pace Centesimus."
Another Fighting Performance Update! ( Not Bad ) 
Clicking the “Power Attack” button in rapid succession now results in the attacks being batch processed, which improves performance for a better experience.
Global Mission: Betrayal In Bangkok (Bye Bangkok Bring on Chicago ) 
This may be your last night in Bangkok, but one night can make the world your oyster. The city is shutting down on 8/3, so you'll need to raid it while you still can.
Announcing: August Collector's Edition Items ( Waste of RP's ) 
TWO new Collector's Edition Items added to the Marketplace each week in August!
Announcing the Official Mafia Wars T-Shirt Design Contest Finalists ( Congrats Finalists )
170 creative Mafia Wars fans from around the globe entered our first t-shirt design contest! Be sure to check out the finalists and vote for your favorite to be made into a real t-shirt!
Declare War Loot Claw Back Happening Soon! ( Get The Vaseline Folks This Is Gonna Hurt )
Some people collected more war loot than they should have. We'll be taking some of it back soon.
Farmers Insurance Loot Mastery Event
It's a rough world out there. Protect your valuables by collecting 7 Farmers Insurance items from jobs and fights. You'll also be able to earn fighting and robbing boosts

This Week's Major Bug Fixes ( There are still lots more )
We vigorously investigated multiple page load issues this week and continue to implement fixes as we uncover the reasons behind them.
Coming Next Week*
*As far as currently scheduled, but things can change.
Mission Mania ( This Should Be Interesting )
A new addition is coming to Missions. Use Mission boosts to help you finish your tasks more quickly and efficiently.
New Mission Event: Wild Things ( Boy This One Is Gonna Piss People Off ) 
You'll need to steal from Private Zoos to build up your illegal exotic animals business. Take care of your pet felines and you'll be rewarded with the Golden Tiger (63 attack, 153 defense).
Level Up Your Family ( They Should Cancel This Til All Our Family Is Included In The Module ) 
Socialism is making a comeback. Do jobs, fight, and more to earn Family experience points and level up as a Family. You will all be rewarded for working together.
Union Hall ( This Sounds Good ) 
Collect, upgrade, and build from all your Properties in one central location.
Got Feedback?
Help us make better Mafia Wars features and events. Please take these very quick surveys to let us know what you think about the following:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brazil Ruby Level Loot Event Starts, Stamina Packs Are Here & A Ton Of Loot Made Giftable

Well looks like we got the new Brazil Ruby Level Loot Event and they set it up like they did the X-Men Event but no word if you will lose the loot if you have to much or if there are limits on how much you can collect. I will get you more on the specific when the 411 comes out. 

Here is what we got so far. the event is scheduled to go on till July 22nd. & you can only collect them from a district you have mastered to Ruby Level ( if you havent got any districts mastered to ruby no loot items for you ) 

So basically you have the chance to just go back and do Ruby level jobs over and over and you get the new loot. But you will NOT get double loot with your Icepick crew Sorry. You can keep track of the new loot right on your mission bar as it will have a big ruby star on far right which will open it up. 

Here are the items & values of the new Ruby Loot :

  • Firefly (A:51 D:107)
  • Cursed Mask (A:106 D:53)
  • Banshee (A:55 D:108)
  • Arabian Stallion (A:109 D:52)
  • Thread 40 Automatic (A:107 D:51) 
  • High Vis Vest (A:52 D:106) 
  • Road Burn (A:105 D:55)
Oh By the way the stamina Packs Have arrived and you can get one every 16 hours. WOO HOO !!! Finally 

Now on to some good new for families & traders. Zynga has made a ton of loot giftable today. Looks like loot with a value of up to 65 attack or defense is now giftable to everyone and they have also made other stuff giftable and I am posting a list of stuff now giftable and it is a huge list. Thanks Bill J. for taking the time to compile this list for everyone. 

  1. Hornet Sniper Rifle (A:11 D:34) giftable now
  2. Avispa Machine Gun (A:54 D:24)  giftable now
  3. Cocodrilo APC (A:42 D:56)  giftable now
  4. Cazador Assault Rifle (A:60 D:25)  giftable now
  5. Utility Belt (A:30 D:30) giftable now
  6. Shaped Charge (A:51 D:25)  giftable now
  7. Set of Twin Garza 9s (A:53 D:24)  giftable now
  8. Set of Twin AK-47s (A:52 D:26)  giftable now
  9. Set of Twin Automatic Rifles (A:51 D:27)  giftable now
  10. Set of Love Birds (A:26 D:53) giftable now
  11. Widow Maker (A:27 D:52) giftable now
  12. Black Widow (A:28 D:51) giftable now
  13. Motorcycle Jacket (A:25 D:50) giftable now
  14. Armed Doorman (A:51 D:24) giftable now
  15. Synthetic Steel (A:18 D:52)  giftable now
  16. Mountain Goat (A:22 D:52) giftable now
  17. Crop Duster (A:52 D:28) giftable now
  18. Bird of Prey (A:29 D:50) giftable now
  19. Blood Rain (A:30 D:51) giftable now
  20. Wagner KP8 (A:51 D:26)  giftable now
  21. Exploding Teddy Bear (A:55 D:48) giftable now
  22. Trio Soprano (A:53 D:26)  giftable now
  23. Ace in the Sleeve (A:53 D:23) giftable now
  24. Hammer 760-EK (A:53 D:21) giftable now
  25. Supercharged Low Rider Vehicle (A:19 D:50) giftable now
  26. Supercharged Fugama Hasu (A:51 D:27)  giftable now
  27. Demolition Kit (A:53 D:38)  giftable now
  28. Hijacked Crane (A:33 D:54) giftable now
  29. Dublin Stallion (A:26 D:51) giftable now
  30. Dead Ringer (A:45 D:36) giftable now
  31. Armadillo Gear (A:24 D:53) giftable now
  32. Set of Pocket Rockets (A:51 D:30) giftable now
  33. Heavy Hand (A:43 D:23) giftable now
  34. Thugs Bunny (A:50 D:28)  giftable now
  35. Flame Broiler (A:56 D:33)  giftable now
  36. Rigged Oil Tanker (A:30 D:57) giftable now
  37. Deal Gone Bad (A:51 D:33) giftable now
  38. House Cat (A:50 D:37) giftable now
  39. My Little Friend (A:51 D:34) giftable now
  40. Tony Montana Suit (A:24 D:52) giftable now
  41. Sled and Dogs (A:53 D:25) giftable now
  42. Backdoor (A:21 D:53) giftable now
  43. Silverback Gorilla (A:35 D:57) giftable now
  44. African Lion (A:58 D:36) giftable now
  45. Vicious Tiger (A:52 D:34)  giftable now
  46. Vicious Cobra (A:30 D:55) giftable now
  47. Parisian Fixer (A:30 D:61) giftable now
  48. Reef Shark (A:55 D:24)  giftable now
  49. Hephaestus Cannon (A:56 D:26) giftable now
  50. Turkey Vulture (A:62 D:50)  giftable now
  51. Death Dealer Minigun (A:48 D:64)  giftable now
  52. Con Man (A:60 D:35)  giftable now
  53. Spy Plane (A:31 D:58) giftable now
  54. Z4 Night Prowler (A:57 D:35) giftable now
  55. Set of Z4 Infiltrator Gear (A:36 D:57) giftable now
  56. Urban Night Fighter (A:55 D:39)  giftable now
  57. Great Gray Owl (A:37 D:56) giftable now
  58. Injury Time (A:38 D:52) giftable now
  59. Viva Las Vegas (A:27 D:50) giftable now
  60. Stage Show Tiger (A:28 D:50) giftable now
  61. Big Blind (A:52 D:25) giftable now
  62. Jackpot (A:30 D:54) giftable now
  63. One-Armed Bandit (A:28 D:50)  giftable now
  64. Shark Tooth Club (A:58 D:31) giftable now
  65. Southhall Sedan (A:32 D:58) giftable now
  66. Ares (A:59 D:36) giftable now
  67. Steller Sea Lion (A:29 D:59) giftable now
  68. Plains Zebra (A:28 D:60) giftable now
  69. African Elephant (A:61 D:37) giftable now
  70. Red Fox (A:62 D:26) giftable now
  71. Pair of Skywalkers (A:28 D:61)  giftable now
  72. Amplitude (A:65 D:39) giftable now
  73. Set of Roaring 20's (A:35 D:62) giftable now
  74. Hippopotamus (A:63 D:46) giftable now
  75. Tetanus (A:39 D:63) giftable now
  76. Spy (A:62 D:44) giftable now
  77. Death's Door (A:57 D:27) giftable now
  78. Supercharged Hearse (A:28 D:61) giftable now
  79. Monterey Manta (A:58 D:34)  giftable now
  80. Barracuda (A:31 D:59) (have: 21) giftable now
  81. Diving Gear (A:56 D:26) giftable now
  82. Killer Whale (A:27 D:56) giftable now
  83. Weight Vest (A:34 D:57) giftable now
  84. Dive Scooter (A:27 D:59)  giftable now
  85. Diver's Knife (A:60 D:33) giftable now
  86. Limpet Mine (A:29 D:61) giftable now
  87. Camo Riot Gear (A:56 D:26) giftable now
  88. Nail Biter (A:35 D:58) giftable now
  89. Alpine (A:35 D:57) giftable now
  90. Sumatra Tiger (A:60 D:30)  giftable now
  91. Notch .40 Cal (A:51 D:28) giftable now
  92. Pair of HyroTM Ultra Light Boots (A:26 D:54) giftable now
  93. Raven Claw (A:56 D:27) giftable now
  94. Chop Suey Chaser (A:37 D:65) giftable now
  95. Set of Terrible Twos (A:64 D:40) giftable now
  96. 2 Big 2 Fail (A:61 D:29) giftable now
  97. Pyro Kit (A:26 D:53) giftable now
  98. Pair of Kings (A:56 D:26) giftable now
  99. Grand Finale (A:60 D:25) giftable now
  100. Lady Liberty (A:33 D:59) giftable now
  101. Parade Stallion (A:60 D:28) giftable now
  102. Uncle Sam (A:34 D:61) giftable now
  103. Washington's Sword (A:24 D:61) giftable now
  104. Blockade Auto Shotgun (A:58 D:45) giftable now
  105. Boss Karpov's Pistol (A:50 D:38)  giftable now
  106. Barsuk SUV (A:36 D:52) giftable now
  107. Drakon (A:54 D:22)  giftable now
  108. ZPR Pulemet (A:28 D:65)  giftable now
  109. Irish Traveler (A:52 D:63) giftable now
  110. Executor Pistol (A:58 D:29) giftable now
  111. Chimpanzee (A:31 D:59) giftable now
  112. Water Born Tank (A:65 D:33) giftable now
  113. Utility Vest (A:26 D:50) giftable now
  114. Armed Drone (A:51 D:27) giftable now
  115. Great Horned Owl (A:56 D:28) giftable now
  116. Road Rage (A:55 D:31) giftable now
  117. Cottonmouth (A:27 D:54) giftable now
  118. Rat Pack (A:29 D:60)  giftable now
  119. Tiger Sak Yant (A:65 D:42) giftable now
  120. Hyro Glove (A:23 D:53) giftable now
  121. Auto Caliber (A:52 D:21)  giftable now
  122. Tea Leaf (A:27 D:51) giftable now
  123. Swiss Banker (A:27 D:54) giftable now
  124. Amphibian (A:34 D:57) giftable now
  125. Aztec (A:51 D:26) giftable now
  126. Tundra SMG (A:37 D:61)  giftable now
  127. Snow Monster (A:62 D:30) giftable now
  128. Mounted Mini Gun (A:26 D:58) giftable now
  129. WWI German Armor (A:26 D:57) giftable now
  130. B-52 Bomber (A:59 D:27) giftable now
  131. Desert Storm G2 (A:57 D:27) giftable now
  132. H-13 Med Evac (A:32 D:55) giftable now
  133. Fistful of Keys (A:24 D:52) giftable now
  134. Falcon (A:58 D:27) giftable now
  135. Bolo Knife (A:65 D:27) giftable now
  136. Protective Shirt (A:27 D:64)  giftable now
  137. Yeti Snow Cruiser (A:63 D:26) giftable now
  138. Jackal (A:25 D:65) giftable now
  139. Cataclysmic (A:53 D:26) giftable now
  140. Savanna Baboon (A:25 D:54)  giftable now
  141. Snapping Turtle (A:56 D:25)  giftable now
  142. Duster (A:27 D:56) giftable now
  143. Spiked Baton (A:58 D:28) giftable now
  144. Pair of Armored Biker Boots (A:27 D:59)  giftable now
  145. Contender (A:33 D:63) giftable now
  146. Galapagos Hawk (A:64 D:32) giftable now
  147. Growler (A:33 D:65) giftable now
  148. Hack N Slash (A:65 D:35) giftable now
  149. Prized Pet (A:50 D:26) giftable now
  150. Chudnovsky's Gas Mask (A:20 D:32) giftable now
  151. Gas Gun (A:16 D:32) giftable now
  152. Prop 4 (A:65 D:55) giftable now
  153. Snow Resist Layer (A:59 D:63)  giftable now
  154. Snake Fang (A:61 D:61) giftable now
  155. Brawler's Headguard (A:35 D:65)  giftable now
  156. Bayou Trike (A:61 D:48)  giftable now
  157. California Condor (A:42 D:62)  giftable now
  158. Growler Firearm (A:58 D:45)  giftable now
  159. Heat Seeker (A:46 D:60)  giftable now
  160. Simian Safeguard (A:43 D:58) giftable now
  161. Arctic Wolf (A:31 D:58) giftable now
  162. Funnel Web Spider (A:51 D:43) giftable now
  163. Great White Shark (A:59 D:21) giftable now
  164. Grizzly Bear (A:25 D:59)  giftable now
  165. Hopi Rattle Snake (A:58 D:32)  giftable now
  166. 12 Gauge (A:35 D:51) giftable now
  167. Zeus (A:54 D:18)  giftable now
  168. Devastator (A:52 D:36)  giftable now
  169. Segmented Body Plate (A:50 D:31)  giftable now
  170. Bomb Suit (A:22 D:52) giftable now
  171. Skull Cap (A:28 D:51)  giftable now
  172. Cobra G7 (A:53 D:25)  giftable now
  173. Ruby Red (A:38 D:52) giftable now
  174. Turbo Road Warrior (A:51 D:35)  giftable now
  175. Condor (A:37 D:50)  giftable now
  176. Rhinoceros (A:20 D:54)  giftable now
  177. Cougar (A:51 D:32)  giftable now
  178. Daddy'O (A:29 D:60) giftable now
  179. Trouble Maker (A:55 D:46) giftable now
  180. Meat Tenderizer (A:25 D:56) giftable now
  181. Goalie (A:45 D:58) giftable now
  182. Bench Rifle (A:52 D:30) giftable now
  183. Box Jellyfish (A:28 D:56)  giftable now
  184. ShrapShield (A:59 D:30) giftable now
  185. Woodsman 22 (A:24 D:63) giftable now
  186. Charleston Classic (A:56 D:26) giftable now
  187. Terrapin Body Armor (A:31 D:63) giftable now
  188. Eliminator 9mm (A:57 D:25) giftable now
  189. Lloyds Zephyr (A:63 D:29) giftable now
  190. H68 SMG-2 (A:56 D:27) giftable now
  191. Gorget (A:38 D:63)  giftable now
  192. Man Opener (A:63 D:40) giftable now
  193. Brown Pelican (A:35 D:64) giftable now
  194. Lucella GTS (A:43 D:65) giftable now
  195. Green Machine (A:45 D:21) giftable now
  196. Steel Curtain (A:21 D:45)  giftable now
  197. Lovebird (A:52 D:36)  giftable now
  198. Defender Armored Car (A:31 D:50) giftable now
  199. Bomb Helmet (A:32 D:52)  giftable now
  200. Red Back Spider (A:33 D:53)  giftable now
  201. SK 7 Shorty (A:54 D:34) giftable now
  202. Buzzsaw (A:55 D:35) giftable now
  203. Panel Vest (A:56 D:36)  giftable now
  204. Nile Crocodile (A:57 D:37) giftable now
  205. Woodsman (A:27 D:54)  giftable now
  206. Domestic Defense (A:53 D:35)  giftable now
  207. Buzzard Combat Chopper (A:54 D:30) giftable now
  208. Tasmanian Devil (A:53 D:38)  giftable now
  209. Frontier Chainsaw (A:56 D:38) giftable now
  210. Pangolin AP (A:27 D:57) giftable now
  211. Oppressor (A:63 D:31) giftable now
  212. Armor Piercing K-28 (A:26 D:54) giftable now
  213. Spanish 44 Caliber (A:64 D:31) giftable now
  214. Pair of Weighted Gloves (A:57 D:29) giftable now
  215. Offroad (A:51 D:23) giftable now
  216. Pesaro Racer (A:28 D:61)  giftable now
  217. Maltese Falcon (A:42 D:65)  giftable now
  218. Hill's Armored Transport (A:27 D:59) giftable now
  219. Bambaiyya Rajah (A:60 D:55) giftable now
  220. Rhino Hide (A:25 D:58) giftable now
  221. Pepperbox Pistol (A:64 D:30) giftable now
  222. Morning Star (A:28 D:51)  giftable now
  223. Flack Dagger (A:52 D:26) giftable now
  224. Molten Metallic (A:55 D:30)  giftable now
  225. Mason (A:26 D:57) giftable now
  226. PlastiPlate Jacket (A:29 D:59)  giftable now
  227. White Tailed Deer (A:23 D:50) giftable now
  228. Robot Bomb Defuser (A:34 D:65) giftable now
  229. Cinnabar P70 (A:58 D:28) giftable now
  230. Safety First (A:65 D:32) giftable now
  231. Top Heavy (A:30 D:59) giftable now
  232. Fire Starter (A:31 D:61) giftable now
  233. Lust (A:29 D:62)  giftable now
  234. Gluttony (A:63 D:30) giftable now
  235. Greed (A:31 D:63) giftable now
  236. Sloth (A:65 D:33)  giftable now
  237. MNU Suit (A:31 D:50) giftable now
  238. Power Armor (A:43 D:53)  giftable now
  239. Car Cutter (A:35 D:62)  giftable now
  240. Jaws of Life (A:35 D:62) giftable now
  241. Dark Squad Vest (A:35 D:65) giftable now
  242. Thermal Shielding (A:57 D:30) giftable now
  243. Indian Katar (A:33 D:62) giftable now
  244. Immelman (A:51 D:27) giftable now
  245. Magma Magnifique (A:31 D:63) giftable now
  246. Love Sick (A:27 D:51) giftable now
  247. Knockout (A:51 D:23)  giftable now
  248. Blue Sky 55 (A:25 D:50) giftable now
  249. Sand Tiger (A:31 D:65) giftable now
  250. Sportster (A:52 D:46) giftable now
  251. Extended Cab 640 (A:53 D:55) giftable now
  252. Electric Prod (A:50 D:50) giftable now
  253. Hack Blade (A:45 D:51) giftable now
  254. Pair of Stun Knuckles (A:52 D:48) giftable now
  255. Wasper Knife (A:51 D:51) giftable now
  256. Sandman Vest (A:36 D:65) giftable now
  257. Lightning Strike (A:65 D:30) giftable now
  258. Cocoon Riot Shield (A:50 D:26) giftable now
  259. Desert Haze (A:28 D:52) giftable now
  260. Lucky Number Seven (A:55 D:27) giftable now
  261. Split Aces (A:29 D:56) giftable now
  262. FNC Urban Transporter (A:58 D:26) giftable now
  263. Fox Hole (A:32 D:61) giftable now
  264. Antidote (A:65 D:34) giftable now
  265. Scissor Sister (A:25 D:51) giftable now
  266. Signal Scrambler (A:52 D:26)  giftable now
  267. Folding Machine Gun (A:54 D:27)  giftable now
  268. Ascension (A:29 D:57)  giftable now
  269. Rock Python (A:58 D:31) giftable now
  270. Remorra Gray (A:62 D:34) giftable now
  271. Southlander (A:43 D:30) giftable now
  272. Everglade Rat Snake (A:60 D:32) giftable now
  273. Hornet Goggles (A:25 D:47)  giftable now
  274. Kitchen Knife (A:57 D:27) giftable now
  275. Bowie Knife (A:31 D:58) giftable now
  276. Tiki Mask (A:62 D:35) giftable now
  277. Spider Eater (A:50 D:28) giftable now
  278. Falling Skies Technical (A:36 D:48)  giftable now
  279. Osprey (A:52 D:24) giftable now
  280. Conchiglia (A:35 D:55)  giftable now
  281. Coccodrillo (A:57 D:40) giftable now
  282. Un Tuono (A:60 D:49) giftable now
  283. Water Truck (A:45 D:64) giftable now
  284. Devil Costume (A:55 D:27) giftable now
  285. Ghost Costume (A:32 D:56) giftable now
  286. Pantomime Horse (A:57 D:31) giftable now
  287. Vampire Costume (A:58 D:28) giftable now
  288. Zombie Costume (A:27 D:59) giftable now
  289. Witch Costume (A:60 D:29) giftable now
  290. Nyala (A:40 D:65)  giftable now
  291. Ottoman Krug (A:43 D:64)  giftable now
  292. Bear-Proof Suit (A:55 D:65) giftable now
  293. Pair of Traceless Gloves (A:55 D:28)  giftable now
  294. Smiley (A:37 D:51) giftable now
  295. Southern Stingray (A:52 D:35)  giftable now
  296. Predator Minigun (A:55 D:46) giftable now
  297. Lock and Stock (A:50 D:58) giftable now
  298. Pantheon Tactical Helm (A:55 D:48) giftable now
  299. Iron Chest Plate (A:49 D:57) giftable now
  300. Tactical Hatchet (A:50 D:35) giftable now
  301. Red Kangaroo (A:30 D:53) giftable now
  302. Carry All Defense Vest (A:27 D:57) giftable now
  303. Yellow Sea Snake (A:64 D:40)  giftable now
  304. Portable Defibrillator (A:51 D:37)  giftable now
  305. Spitting Spider (A:35 D:50)  giftable now
  306. Steel Toe Boots (A:20 D:55)  giftable now
  307. Master (A:48 D:60) giftable now
  308. Apprentice (A:29 D:47) giftable now
  309. Palm Protectors (A:60 D:35) giftable now
  310. Lemon Drop (A:61 D:25) giftable now
  311. California Moray (A:42 D:65) giftable now
  312. Cold Snap (A:43 D:31)  giftable now
  313. Game Face (A:31 D:43) giftable now
  314. Pink Birdeater Tarantula (A:65 D:34)  giftable now
  315. Heavy Assault Squad (A:31 D:58) giftable now
  316. Pecuna Blowgun (A:45 D:24) giftable now
  317. Feathered Cloak (A:45 D:64) giftable now
  318. Coconut Crab (A:46 D:60) giftable now
  319. Malayan Tiger (A:64 D:48) giftable now
  320. Desert Eyes (A:48 D:59) giftable now
  321. Spotted Vest (A:64 D:51) giftable now
  322. I'll Be Back (A:43 D:36) giftable now
  323. Jungle Strike (A:36 D:43)  giftable now
  324. Tarantula (A:53 D:30) giftable now
  325. Spider Monkey (A:42 D:62)  giftable now
  326. Ice Climbing Gear (A:28 D:55)  giftable now
  327. Web Climbing Rope (A:60 D:45)  giftable now
  328. Ice Climber (A:54 D:29)  giftable now
  329. Arachnid Cruiser (A:65 D:25) giftable now
  330. Final Word (A:35 D:52) giftable now
  331. Heads Up (A:28 D:64)  giftable now
  332. Gun Barge (A:50 D:36) giftable now
I told you the list was big so have fun everyone. 

The Raven Is Back And Yes It Has Been Nerfed

Graphic Courtesy of Mafia Wars Loot Lady 

I apologize for using this site for my blog but my regular one is still down.

The Raven is back from his retreat to Cuba and guess what he is now harder than before and just as elusive as before. He must of took some steroids while there as his health increased and they have removed the shotgun blast in favor for a new weapon called the sniper shot.

Lets start with the fact his health has been increased for the 30,000 it was to 55,000. YES 55,000 !!! WTF !!!

The next thing is that the Shotgun Blasts we normally use for boss fights have been replaced by Sniper Shots which are not giftable like the Shotgun Blasts, you have to get them by icing people in fights from what I have seen so far or of course you can buy them in the market place along with the rest of the weapons needed to beat the Raven. NOT GONNA HAPPEN ! 

FYI the New Sniper Shots do around 150 to 250 damage each.The loot drop rates suck on getting the items need to fight the raven too. 

Next thing is the Combos, and now they are really important in the fight, while the first 2 are fine and work for everyone the 3rd one which causes the most damage is going to change from what I am reading into this lovely red message they put on the combo screen.
"There are 6 different red C-C-C-combos when you fight the Assassin. That means the red combo that works for you may not be the same for your friends.".
Courtesy of the Mafia Wars Loot Lady 

Are you kidding me !?!? WTF !!! What ever happened to a fair and balanced game Zynga. Don't you think this stupid boss fight is challenging enough with out this one. Anyhow ...

In my opinion they screwed up a crappy boss fight even more than it was. They have made it so people are just gonna get pissed and not do it and for the new players not to mention the veterans, it is just gonna frustrate them even more. This is a perfect example of why you are losing players at an alarming rate. You keep messing with the game dynamics and just piss everyone off. Did you ever hear the phrase "If it ain't broke dont fix it." ? Learn it fast my friends. 

Bottom line here is that they screwed up a perfectly bad boss fight. In my opinion it is not worth the aggravation or time to do this thing. They added 25,000 more health to the boss, took away the gifting of the parts, messed with the combos and for a piece of loot that from all indications will be obsolete in 2 months & a couple of achievements and didn't increase the timer to allow more time for all these changes. What do they think we have time to just sit here for 8 hours to farm the items to just beat the Raven and if you don't beat him in the allotted time you wont see him like 3 more days after that. I think not, so the return of the Raven in my eyes is a huge failure and I guess I wont be getting this loot or achievements. Oh Well .