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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What are the SKYPE chat commands and roles?

Hi Everyone, just wanted to give you all who use Skype a present. Alot of us who run rooms for Mafia Wars are always wondering how they can do things in Skype and this list of commands should help you better manage you rooms. 

What are the SKYPE chat commands and roles?

If you are the creator or host of a chat (usually if you set up the chat, you will be assigned this role) you can use various commands to control members in the chat, secure the chat with a password and do other administrative tasks.
To see a list of the available commands simply type /help into the chat.
Here is a list of common commands and their descriptions:
/add [Skype Name]
Adds a contact to the chat. For instance: /add joanna.mellors85 will add that member to the chat.
Disable message alert notifications.
/alertson [text]
Allows you to specify exactly what needs to appear in a chat for the chat to pop up. For example, /alertson London will only alert you when the word "London" appears in the chat.
/call [Skype Name]
Starts a Skype call with a Skype contact. For instance, /call john.of.york will initiate a call to that member.
Removes chat history. Cannot be undone.
Removes the password security.
/find [text]
Finds specific text in a chat. For example, /find Lucien will return the first instance of the word "Lucien" in the chat.
/get allowlist
Details people with access to the chat.
/get banlist
Details people banned from the chat.
/get creator
Details the person who created the chat.
/get guidelines
See the current chat's guidelines.
/get options
Details active options for current chat - see /set options below for a list of the options available.
/get password_hint
Get the password hint.
/get role
Details your role in the chat.
Puts a Creator tag next to the chat creator's name.
Loads the complete chat history into the active chat window.
An HTML file of the chat history opens up in a browser window.
Details number of people in chat and maximum number available.
/kick [Skype Name]
Eject chat member. For instance, /kick john.of.york will eject that member from the chat.
/kickban [Skype Name]
Ejects chat member and prevents them from rejoining chat. For instance, /kickban joanna.mellors85 will eject that member from the chat and ban them from rejoining.
Leave current chat – unavailable if you are a chat’s creator.
/me [text]
Your name will appear followed by any text you write. For instance, /me working from home will cause the phrase "working from home" to appear next to your name in the chat. You can use this to send a message about your activities or status.
/set allowlist [[+|-]mask] ..
Sets the members allowed in the chat. For instance,/set allowlist +john.of.york will allow that member to join the chat.
/set banlist [[+|-]mask] ..
Sets which members are banned from the chat. For instance,/set banlist +john.of.york will ban that member from the chat./set banlist -john.of.york will allow them to rejoin it.
/set guidelines [text]
Set a chat’s guidelines. For instance, /set guidelines No spoilers! These can be returned to be viewed in the chat by the command /get guidelines.
/set options [[+|-]flag]
Sets options for this chat. For example: /set options -JOINING_ENABLED switches off the JOINING_ENABLED option, while /set options +JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTSwill switch on the JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS option.

The available flags are listed below:

HISTORY_DISCLOSED - Joiners can see the conversation that took place before they joined. The limit that they can see is either 400 messages or two weeks of time, depending on which is reached first.

JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS - New users can join the chat, but cannot post or receive messages until authorized by a CREATOR or MASTER (see the table below for more information on roles).

JOINERS_BECOME_LISTENERS - New users can receive messages but cannot post any until promoted to the USER role.

JOINING_ENABLED - New users can join the chat.

TOPIC_AND_PIC_LOCKED_FOR_USERS - Only a user with a CREATOR role will be able to change the topic text or accompanying picture for the chat.

USERS_ARE_LISTENERS - Users with a USER role will be unable to post messages.
/set password [text]
Create a password (no spaces allowed).
/set password_hint [text]
Create the chat's password hint text.
/setpassword [password] [password hint]
Create a password and password hint for the chat.
/setrole [Skype Name] MASTER | HELPER | USER | LISTENER
Allows you to set a role to each chat member. A description of roles is given in the table below.
/topic [text]
Changes the chat topic.
/whois [Skype Name]
Provides details about a chat member such as current role.
Please note that you do not need to use square brackets around your text after the command. For example, the command /topic [text] would be used as /topic Today’s Meeting Agenda Chat roles depend on whether you started the chat or were assigned a role by the chat creator or host:
The member who created the chat. There can be only one creator per chat. Only the creator can promote other members to masters.
Also known as chat hosts. Masters cannot promote other people to masters.
A semi-privileged member. Helpers will not be affected by the USERS_ARE_LISTENERS option. Helpers cannot promote or demote other members.
A member who can post messages into the chat.
A member who can see messages but not post into the chat.
A member waiting for acceptance into the chat. Note: once accepted into the chat, members cannot be demoted to applicants


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