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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Upcoming Changes and Event For Mafia Wars

Well here we go again more changes coming for Mafia Wars, Boy oh Boy is this getting old or what. Okay, here are some of the things they have in store for us in the next couple of days & weeks. 

First up, get ready for a Zoo to be added to NY properties so you can get animals for your Mafia. Yes you heard right a ZOO...WTF do animals have to do with Mafia Wars. You will have to collect 5 new parts for your zoo and it goes to Level 10. Oh Joy !!!

Here is what you can build and no they haven't released the names yet, they think it will be fun if you guess what they are...yawn.

50 Attack, 48 Defense, +3 Attack skill - has a reputation for eating anything. It also possesses the capability to take on large prey. (Hint - Fish)
45 Attack, 52 Defense, +1 Skill Point - If bitten, common symptoms for which to watch are rapid onset of dizziness, coughing or difficulty breathing, and erratic heartbeat. (Hint - Reptile)
48 Attack, 57 Defense, +3 Defense skill - have been known to scavenge dead animals. (Hint - Reptile)
62 Attack, 50 Defense, +20 Health skill - can inflict severe wounds on lions, sometimes ending with the lions bleeding to death. (Hint - Mammal)
If you want more details then you can check it out here
Next we got another spammer event called the Governor's Run to get a weapon called the 2nd Admendment 52 Att /  80 Def. You got it it is the one where you spam your friends wall to get 9 friends (Some might become EX- Friends) to join you just like the Thanksgiving event. I guess they will never learn will they and they wonder why accounts get disabled by Facebook. Here is one of the reasons because we have to post so much crap to get through the events and and get parts for the crappy things you keep adding to the game, GIVE US A BREAK ALREADY !!! 
If you want more details on this crappy spam fest event you can check it out here
Ok the next few things comes from the meet and greet they had in San Francisco last week. According to Scott, The GM of Mafia Wars, we have 3 major changes coming to the game. 
  1. As you know by now the current missions we all got used to have been changed to Operations. No biggy there but guess what ? We will be having a new kind of mission coming soon ( More of a Quest ) where we have to go do small talks to get incremental rewards as we progress through the game. More crap to waste our time.
  2. The Mafia Wars home page lay out will soon change and will contain all the information players need to know where their character stands and where they can go. So in other words the home page will get real busy looking soon making things very confusing for some. Nice Job !!! 
  3. The inventory revamp is almost here. This is a good thing that alot of us have been asking for. This will help organize all our weapons and loot into a way where we know exactly what we are using and need and put things into a separate category to tell us what we are not using and can gift or sell. This sounds good as long as they do it right and they are also adding what can only be described as a Pawn Shop to sell off some crap we dont use. Now we will be able to clean up our inventory so we dont have so much useless crap around. I hope they make it where more of our loot becomes giftable with this so we can help some of our smaller player catch up and get on an even keel with us. 
According to Scott, they will be looking for feedback from the players when it comes out so they can modify things to what we want. Yeah right, just Beta test it first to make sure they are no bugs or glitches then release it that is what real game companies do and you have done it before. 

So there you have it your are up to date. I really wish they would stop letting the engineers/ developers come up with stuff and let us players do it for them as we know the game and what is relevant better then them. But I guess you cant teach an old dog new tricks. They think we all have like 24 hours a day to play the game and we dont have lives. WRONG, we do have lives and you need to realize that slow down with releasing all this crap one right after another and let us get back to play the game again, then you may see you numbers go back up with daily and overall players. Plus you might make a few bucks along the way. 


  1. WTF! are zynga engineers on drugs or just plain stupid??? who the f*** wants a damn zoo?! i also do not see wtf animals & zoos effing have to do with mafia wars!!! them sons a bitches are on crack!!!

    1. no your just on pills and dont know how stuff works

    2. cant wait til 4:20

  2. agreed. need anyone say more?

  3. yes it is time for us daily players to let zynga know they are messing up what used to be a fun game. They are making it unfun to us non credit card players, and those of us that dont use bots.

  4. I've already had a 3 day ban by facebook for spamming thanks to zynga, please lets make this game enjoyable. Repeated mouse clicks and spamming my friends just for minor weapon increments all day long is getting boring, last year I was going to delete my MW account as a new yr resolution I think this Jan 1st will be the last..

  5. enough already!!!!!!!

  6. Why do you feel the need to constantly change things rather than fix what is not right? Every time you add another thing something else either quits working or we get so many glitches we don't want to play.

  7. and yet, we play on.

  8. Stupid crap. Mafia Wars don't wanna make it exciting or fresh, they just wanna you to deviate with all those missions and events. So you don't go attacking ppl till the rest of the lower levels quit playing. So that you don't play till you run out of cities and start attacking other MAFIA WARS CLANS and causing mischief to other mild players. Man, the developers should just work hard at making more cities so that these guys can do some energy play, and put a cap on energy points. That would stop looting to the extreme. Dumb developers.

  9. very stupid..they think we want a f'n farmville..well.. surprise..people are leaving the game..just leave it alone more money from me!

  10. # The Mafia Wars home page lay out will soon change and will contain all the information players need to know where their character stands and where they can go.
    hopefully that will be something like the old top mafia - see how your stats compare with the masses...about time!

  11. This is BS. I can't even finish NY because you keep coming out with more crap we have to do. Every State or Country I go to I get so far and go and try to finish something and another territory comes out. WHEN is this going to STOP?

  12. Finish a City??? How about the NY Old City Boost prevents items for opening Bangkok? No one seems to think about what each change does to the prior portions of the game. No adjustment of the prior settings to allow for the new changes. Begging for more and more all the time until you have an unmanageable gift page with useless gun barrels and Armor plate all over.

  13. Everybody has a choice on how they want to play, If you don't like the zoo, missions, or special events, guess what???? you don't have to do them. So stop complaining and play how you want to. If you are that unhappy playing the game then stop playing.