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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hey Look Whats Coming To Mafia Wars !!!

Oh Goody Another Holiday Event coming From Mafia Wars. I just got this in my email about it. It seems like we will have to collect Holiday Ornaments, Candy Canes & Christmas Lights among other things to build our tree and then rob people to fill it with presents LOL. Then you can open them on New Years Day. 

We are all about to become Grinches for Christmas. Gotta love it. Well at least this explains why I was getting weird gifts the other night. I think I might like this because the stamina I will have to use to rob people will not only help me get the presents from people but will also give me better rewards than fighting as you seem to get more experience from it. This will be coming this week so watch for it. 

So batten down the hatches, light a fire in the fireplace and get your shotgun ready because our Mafia is coming to steal your presents. Tis the season to be robbing Fa la la la la la la la !!!! MWUAHHH !!!! I cant wait till New Years to see what I get LOL !!! 


  1. You'd think they'd want to fix what's screwed up before adding more crap into the mix.

  2. I'm really starting to hate this game >:(

  3. The Christmas Tree thing SUCKS! Have to find people to protect tree everyday! They expire but u cant hire more because your limit is still up!!! So you lose all your gifts!! And lose em to chumps that are at LVL 4000+!!!!! BS!!!!!!!

  4. Have three people that accepted, guarding the gifts. Can't ask for more. I'm not impressed. Can't post any requests for christmas items. Pretty much hosed on mine.