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Sunday, December 19, 2010

SCAM ALERT !!! Don’t Click On Who Has Deleted Ya Application

You know you would think people would learn by now but NOOOOO!!!! Yes there is a new scam out there that asks if you would like to see who deleted you. Well it is just a spamware survey and it once you go thru it all  it tells you you have been entered in a contest to win an iPad & iPhone. The only one who wins here is the spammer as they they make commission on everyone who clicks on it. You get nothing but more spam.

People the only winner here is they company or person who sent it as they now have your email address to spam you some more. Facebook does not have programs so you can see who deleted you, who is viewing your profile or to customize your profile with a nice background.

If Facebook is going to offer stuff like this then they would let us know with a big fan fare and press conference. Not with these little posts that are almost always misspelled. So lets all wake up huh and if they did come out with stuff like this I would let you all know about it immediately both here and on our show.

So if you see something like this just ignore it and move on. Lets all be safe out there and keep yourselves safe by not falling for this crap. Thank You.


  1. Aloha John I have more information on the virus and unfortuntly first hand experience. I have just put out an article and Screen Shot of the post which is similar to the one I got that ate my C Drive and allowed hackers into personal in for information. Everyone should log out and then change password when logging back in. Dont forget to report it to facebook, Happy holidays Mia, Wicked Wahine.
    P.S. Love reading and listenine to your show.

  2. Hello Zynga! I just got scammed and lost 18k...please let me know if you can reverse this transaction. Thanks!