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Thursday, January 13, 2011

UPDATE: Will You Get Banned For Using Scripts Or Bookmarklets ???

Hi everyone, I see the panic email about using scripts and bookmarklets has once again reared it's ugly head. While I dont endorse any bookmarklet or scripts, let me give you the correct information that myself and some of the other respected media people in the game have been given.

Lets start with this the PANIC EMAIL going around.:

Starting sometime in the next few days Zynga is putting their programmers and coders to work overtime and will be scanning all servers for bot and scripts being used. If caught no warning your account will be terminated immediately. This is not a hoax or even a scare...this has come from reliable sources. They are claiming that all the scripts being used are what is causing problems with the game servers and that is what is causing delays and screw ups in the game.

This is a completely FALSE statement !!! 

While YES the use of 3rd party tools in the game does technically violate the terms of service of Zynga Games Inc. They are NOT going after the users of scripts and bookmarklets. So the use of Chucker, Switch, will not get your account shut down, suspended or anything like that. You are not hurting the game or Zynga by using them and you are not getting an unfair advantage using them. 

While Zynga will never officially endorse the use of these scripts & bookmarklets they are not even looking at the use of these at this time. So NUFF Said there. 

I will tell you this fact, they are going after loot sellers and are watching for people who are getting infusions of reward points. This they can track & the have made changes to help prevent this in the future.  They have suspended & disabled CONFIRMED LOOT SELLERS Mafia Wars accounts from fighting and gifting. 

The loot sellers & people who get infusions of reward points do hurt Zynga in a way. They take away money that Zynga could of made from people, even if it is a just a virtual item. On the internet virtual items do have actual value for any company that makes them. So that is why they are going after those people. 

Please remember Zynga can only suspend or terminate your Mafia Wars accounts NOT your Facebook account but if they really want to make an example of you they will go to Facebook and try to have your Facebook account disabled too if it is confirmed you have have Sold Loot or bought illegal reward points from someone other than Zynga. 

So the bottomline is that you are safe, for now, if you use some of these scripts & bookmarklets. While myself and the others in the media world dont endorse the use of these, we felt it it was important that you were properly informed. 

Also remember no one has ever been suspended or disabled for using Scripts or bookmaklets. This is not to say it cant happen but it does show you they are not too concerned with Chucker, Switch, I hope this helps clear up this False PANIC EMAIL for everyone and you do use these scripts and bookmarklets at your own risk.


We as a company do not condone any script use, specifically any script that allows you to bully or automatically play the game.  While we are not in a habit of going on a witch hunt, because we want people to play and enjoy the game, we do take steps to actively discourage and impede the use of scripts that decrease the value of the playing experience.

Any script that can be utilized for bullying or "sitting" on a player, we include in this category.

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