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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Bad Is The Hacking Problem On Facebook, Ask Mark Zuckeberg, His Own Fan Page was Hacked

So how bad is hacking of peoples accounts on Facebook. Well it must be pretty bad because even Facebook's own Mark Zukerberg, had his fan page hacked and then pulled down by Facebook. 

Yes you heard right Mark Zuckerberg, The CEO of Facebook, had his fan page hacked and this is what the hacker put on it.

Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Price winner Muhammad Yunus described it? What do you think? #hackercup2011

And here is a screen shot from 

The page was immediately pulled down by Facebook. We are waiting to find out what Facebook's official statement will be on this one. This will be classic.

Maybe now Facebook will start to take hacking a bit more serious when users say it has happened to them and stop making them go through hell to get their accounts restored. 

It really is a shame all the hoops Facebook makes it users jump through trying to get accounts back. It is about time Facebook gets themselves a real customer service department that users can call into instead of making them try to figure things out through a jumbled and mis-organized Help Center. I guess one can only wish.


  1. lol serves u right u tw@

  2. It's another sign of peoole's jealousy of Facebook's success and Mark's success. EVERYONE IS JEALOUS ADMIT IT.

  3. I am not jealous of Facebook's success. I am not jealous of Microsoft's success. I am not jealous of Google's success. Doesn't stop me from forming opinions about those behind the success and corporate policies. Is it jealousy of the tobacco industry that caused everyone to reveal they put extra nicotine into the cigarettes? Facebook hides behind an unhelpful help center and puts innocent people through severe aggravation. Hacking is not good. It is ironic that it always takes fighting fire with fire to bring it home.

  4. makes everyone want to just opt out if issues dont get solved fast i know i will computers cost too much for crack heads that have no lifes to find ways to mess up things for everyone.. just like buying cough suryp have to give id coz they make crack so they have nooing on lifes just time to get high and mess up everyone thats inocent of the things thats g

  5. Had my account hacked-took forever to restore just to find out that whoever hacked it was asking women for web cam sex (I'm a woman) including my daughter in law-so not only is there the hassle of restoring but then trying to make reparations to those who were offended by the hacker-luckily I didn't lose any friends as a result but it could have been truly disasterous-my youngest son's account was also compromised by some one in Paraquay-took 5 months to get back into his-no matter how strigent the security settings it seems they are able to get around them somehow

  6. I just wish thesse hackers would just stop ruining things for other people.... Its hard enough to get by from day to day without getting robbed or mugged; we don't need the hackers... Exspecially in a social network like facebook... Its the only place I have been able to keep up with friends and some family alot easier... Hackers just make it harder and make it to where you dont want to even mess with it anymore...

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