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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Italy's Regions 6,7 & 8 Are Here & Fight Club Loot Updated As Well.

Well here we go the new regions of Italy are Finally here. Regions 6.7 & 8 are now open for everyone. There is lots of new high end loot available with some really good numbers in attack & defense,with some of the best coming in region 8. 

Here is a graphic of some of the loot courtesy of Jane Bossy - Adds, Invites, Tips, Tricks, etc's

They have also made some major changes to the fight club. Gone are all the Energy pack refills, now there is only 1 and it costs 100 Victory coins & 5 reward points and is only available every 18 hours. 

Plus there 3 new high end loot available too and it seems like you can continually buy these right now. The people with major stamina & Victory coins are gonna love this.Here is a graphic for you of what is out there now. 

So have fun everyone we will have more to come once we get through it all. 

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