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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey Look Whats Coming To Mafia Wars !!! It's The Green Hornet !!!

Thank You Jennifer The MW Loot Lady for the graphic 

So you thought it was too quite in Mafia Wars, WELL GUESS WHAT ???  The Green Hornet and Kato are coming to stir things up for us.

Yes, we are going to be having a new loot event promoting the upcoming movie "The Green Hornet" starring Seth Rogan, Jay Chou , Christoph Waltz  & Cameron Diaz on January 14th. 

But the Mafia Wars Event starts January 6th -14th and it is a Loot Event. I have reprinted what Mafia Wars has to say about the event or you can see this for yourself by clicking here. 

Green Hornet Loot Drop Event

Updated 01/05/2011 04:04 PM
Are you ready to be a masked vigilante? Mafia Wars brings you our latest event, promoting the new movie, GREEN HORNET, opening in North American theaters, on January 14th (and Australia January 20th).  This limited time event (January 6th through January 14th) will have 7 Loot Items available, 1 Mastery Item from vaulting the 7 Loot Items, and 1 Limited Edition item only available from the Marketplace.
Q: What are the items, and how can I get them?
4 Items will drop from doing Jobs
* Hornet Symbol - Uncommon, Armor, 42/55, drops from 1st job done after event starts
* Gas Gun - Common, Weapon, 16/33, available in Free Gifts
* Kato's Mask - Uncommon, Armor, 58/40
* Double Barreled Gun - Rare, Weapone, 44/72
3 Items will drop from winning Fights
* Chudnovsky's Mask - Common, Armor, 20/32, available in Free Gifts
* Black Beauty Missiles - Uncommon, Weapon, 59/29
* Hood Gun - Rare, Weapon 74/39
1 Mastery Item will be automatically awarded once you've collected (vaulted) all 7 Job and Fight items
* Black Beauty - Superior, Vehicle, 90/45
1 Item is available only through the Marketplace.  This will not count towards your Mastery total.
* Kato's Motorcycle - Superior, Vehicle, 64/88

Q: Why are the rare items so rare?
A: This is by design.  You will likely to have to complete dozens of jobs or win dozens of fights to earn the rare items.

Please note that when the in-game countdown timer appears, that is the official time remaining in the event. 
If you have any feedback or opinions about this event, please visit -

And I thought you would like to see the Trailer for the movie.

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