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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mafia Wars Toolbar for Chrome & Some Great Chrome Tools

Hi Everyone, Alot of people say they cant get the bonuses from the toolbar cause they use Google Chrome. Guess what yes you can cause I am gonna give you the link to get it and a couple of other great extensions you can use for Chrome. 

Lets start with the one everyone asks for The Mafia Wars Tool Bar. It is called the Zynga Toolbar and it is FREE & works like a charm I have had it since it came out in Febuary 2010 and have never had a problem with it. What you do is just click the link I am providing and what it will do is put a little RED DOG up next to the address bar. When you need that mini stamina or energy boost ( it is random you will get one or the other) every 8 hours. The first time you click it it will need to log in so it wont show anything just click on the background and it will go away then reclick on it and it will show that it is ready and click it and it will open up a new Mafia Wars window and will tell you what you get. Thats it, the only bad thing is it doesn't have a timer so you need to calculate the times your self but it works great. Sorry it wont help you get the achievement you will have to install the Firefox Or Internet Explorer version for that. 

Here is the link

Next thing I want to share with you is the Chrome Radio Player for when you want to listen to music while you play the games or just surf the web. Works great and is FREE just follow the instructions to set up you favorite stations. 

Here is the link:

Finally the one that everyone asks me for. An extension that does screen shots for you with a click of a button well try this one out. It is called Awesome Screenshot and this program works great for me I haven't had a problem with it. You can capture selected sections / just the visible areas or even the entire page you choose what you want to capture. But the really good part is you can also crop what you want to save/ add text / effects even erase sensitive info you don't want others to see. Very good program and it is FREE. 

Here is the link:

There are lots of great extensions available for Chrome and lots are FREE and really good to find something you want just go to the Google Chrome Extensions page and just search for what you want. They even have stuff for your android phone Click this link to check out stuff: 

Or go here for some good web stuff for Chrome


  1. Can you figure out how to alter the Chrome font so we can copy & paste our ices again?

  2. Go to the little wrench / options / under the hood / web content and you can change fonts there.

  3. Is there a certain font we want so we can copy the ice pop up? Since the Fb update I can't even copy from the pop up. Thanks (shawn parker)

  4. Here is an awesome MW toolbar replacement for chrome

    With timers and just happens to be packed with lots of bookmarklet tools (If you are into that)

  5. You forgot the best one out there for MW! The Mafia Task Force Chrome Extension and also the FireFox tool bar. Don't need the Zynga Bar, it build in. MWLL has instructions. This is the site of Aruns tools.

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