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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Shark Tank Comes Back & Then Goes Again

Well earlier Mafia Wars brought the Shark Tank back. Everyone who was over level 601 were getting the Shark Tank Achievement. Woo Hoo, NOT.

This was an utter failure the first time and from the feedback I have gotten from players across the world it was a failure again. I tend to agree with them. 

It seems that Zynga must think so too because they have just pulled it again as of  1 AM EST / 10 PM PST. They have reset things back to the way they were and say they are analyzing the new data they got from it.

Lets hope they are done using us a guinea pigs and just leave it alone.

Here is the 411 they put out

Shark Tank Achievement 411 and FAQ

Updated 01/27/2011 09:57 PM

Shark Tank Achievement 411
The newest fighting achievement is called the Shark Tank Achievement.  Prior to this achievement, all players above level 450 were accessible to players above level 450 on the Fight List, so it was possible for a level 456 player to see a level 1234 player on their Fight List.  In fact, one of the biggest complaints was from players having opponents thousands of levels higher than them on the Fight List.
Now Mafia Wars has grown in total number of players, it's time that there are two additional tiers to balance out the fighting.  Players above level 401 will now be split into two groups -
Level 401-600, Level 600+
Players between levels 301 and 400 will only see other players within that level range on their Fight List.
Players between levels 401 and 600 will only see other players within that level range on their Fight List.
Players reaching level 601, officially graduate to The Shark Tank.  In the Shark Tank, you will no longer be in the 'kiddie pools'.  It will be possible to see your Fight List populated with players hundres or thousands of levels above yours.  If you want to improve your chances of survival in the Shark Tank, you'll want to improve your items withrares, superior, and ultimate rarity items, and make sure you have plenty of skill devoted to Attack and Defense.
After you win your first 10 fights while in the Shark Tank, you will earn the Shark Tank Achievement and the skill point that comes along with it.
Q:  Can I go into the Shark Tank if I'm below level 601?
A:  Level 601 is an absolute requirement for admission into the Shark Tank.  We're researching the possibility of allowing lower level players to 'opt-in' to the Shark Tank, but at the moment, that is not an option.
Q:  Can I back out of the Shark Tank if I'm above level 600?
A:  Once you're in the Shark Tank, there's no backing out.  Our game is called Mafia Wars for a very good reason.
Q:  I'm above level 600 and having a hard time finding live opponents.
A:  This is something the Mafia Wars team is closely monitoring during the first few days of this update.  We want to ensure that there is enough 'bait' for higher level players to attack, as well as preventing players that illegally use attack-bots from 'eating all the bait'.  Refreshing the Fight List regularly (up to 5-10 times a minute) will generate updated lists of targets and are your best strategy for finding live targets.
Q:  What are good ways to improve my attack and defense skill stats?
A:  Convert Reward Points into skill points is one way to do so.  You should also remember to craft your daily items in the Weapons Depot, Chop Shop, Armory, and Private Zoo, as some of those items come with permanent attack and defense skill additions.  Attack and Defense boosts also offer temporary help.
Q: My attack and defense skill displayed on my Fight Page sometimes goes up and/or down.  What's happening?
A: This is because your attack and defense boosts are being used in current fights.  Please refer to the following support article -Click here.
Q: I think another player is 'unfairly' attacking me or their stats seem really high for their level.
A: If another player's attack or defense stats seem high, please look for the presence of Loyalty Program Mastery Items on their account.  This will usually indicate if a player has spent money to improve their stats beyond those of non-paying players.  If you feel 'unfairly' attacked, please read this support article thoroughly before submitting a ticket.
*Update 1/22 - After initial data analysis, the updated Shark Tank is temporarily closed while the designers are discussing how to ensure there is enough 'live bait' for players attacking legitimately.
*Update 1/27 - After analysis of the player distribution, the Shark Tank (ver3.0) will be reintroduced at a level 601 threshold.  This should ensure there are more 'live' players on Shark Tank Fight Lists.  The Shark Tank will reopen today.
*Update 1/27 10PM PST - Shark Tank is back to the old version (level 450+) while data from latest Shark Tank(ver3.0) is being analyzed.
Customer Support is not authorized to offer any compensation for players who are afraid of sharks or being in theShark Tank with other high level players, or want permanent invincibiliy to shark attacks.  If you have any feedback or opinions about this achievement, please visit -

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