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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UPDATE !!! on URGENT !!!! Beware Facebook Users !!!!

Well it turns out our campaign to stop Facebook from sharing our address & Mobile phone number has worked for now. Effective immediately they have terminated that permission to developers. 

Here is my original Blog link to see what they wanted to do. Click Here. 

Seems we overwhelmed the legal department & Facebook along with the rest of the press corp in the world. BUT this is just temporary until they find a way to do it better with out causing an uproar. For now though it has been terminated. WTG Facebook users around the world & nice to see Facebook can listen when it wants too.

Just so you know this is not over as they are still looking to make the information available so we still need to keep the pressure on them so they don't do this. 

There are way too many rouge applications that this information can get too, so I hope they keep this dead and not come back and do this. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE FACEBOOK USERS !!! 

Here is the new message they put out at 2:25 in the morning. Think they were burning the midnight oil or what. You can read it your self by clicking here but I have reprinted it below.

Improvements to Permissions for Address and Mobile Number

On Friday, we expanded the information you are able to share with external websites and applications to include your address and mobile number. With this change, you could, for example, easily share your address and mobile phone with a shopping site to streamline the checkout process, or sign up for up-to-the-minute alerts on special deals directly to your mobile phone.
As with the other information you share through our permissions process, you need to explicitly choose to share this data before any application or website can access it, and you can not share your friends’ address or mobile number with applications. Also, like other data you make available to third party apps and websites, you can always clearly see and control the ways your information is being used in the Application Dashboard.
Over the weekend, we got some useful feedback that we could make people more clearly aware of when they are granting access to this data. We agree, and we are making changes to help ensure you only share this information when you intend to do so. We’ll be working to launch these updates as soon as possible, and will be temporarily disabling this feature until those changes are ready. We look forward to re-enabling this improved feature in the next few weeks.


  1. WTG ppl! lol

    Re-enable??? Not if I can do anything to help it.....

  2. (wondering) Facebook wants everyone to be a genuine "person" behind the account... no avatars... all "real" info... then they try this sort of manure...
    Privacy is sacrosanct to me... there are people in the FB world who actively seek to steal and abuse this kind of information... and FB is considering GIVING it to them...
    Feels more like they are "giving it" to their users... (just sayin)

  3. Dear FaceBook,
    I am writing to let you know, after the last time you violated my trust and gave all 5000 of my friends my cell phone number, I have felt it best not to answer your questions truthfully anymore. I have gone through my privacy settings AGAIN! Only this time, EVERYTHING is set to "only me". Even though you do make that option a little harder to get to... It is a "custom" setting on every damn option. And just in-case you decide to change them for me AGAIN, I have replaced all of my info with LIES!! Same as the ones you tell me. First time shame on you.....
    That being said, i dont know why everyone is freaking out over the fact the all of their info is being collected and SOLD to the highest bidder. You are just like a cheating man. You just cant help yourself :-/

    "Don't play games with a girl that can play better."

    One Step Ahead,
    The Coonass

    PS Im only here for Mafia Wars, if MW leaves FB like it left MySpace.. Im outta here.

  4. This is not the way to break into China, Facebook. There honor is EVERYTHING!!

  5. One of the multiple reasons I quit playing MW on my phone. I won't have my info sold. My FB doesn't have correct info. LOL