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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Weekly Timers Are Fixed !!!

Hey everyone looks like Zynga has fixed the weekly timers on the Family Progression Mission. 

As those of you who has had the weekly timers they have been down for over 24 hours and you couldn't progress on the individual side of the mission and basically you couldn't really help your family. Well it has been reset now and you can go on and do your personal tasks to gain that extra experience while helping your family progress.

Customer service was overloaded yesterday as player tried to contact them to get it fixed but customer service couldn't fix it as the developers had to fix it however they were giving out compensation to the players. The big question here is what will Zynga do for all the players who didn't get compensation ie. 30 reward points & a loot item which seemed the norm., we will see and let you know what they decide and bring it to you as we find out. 

So for now have fun doing the mission as this is actually a good Family feature they have added and I know our family is working together very well to reach the goals & they are also having fun friendly competitions amongst themselves. So I really like it. 

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