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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Power Packs, A New Hospital & The Missing 25% Of Stamina Solved

We had a couple of things added last night that the players are going to really like. We had Power Packs added to the game & a Revamped Hospital.

Zynga yesterday, right as we went on the air with our show, came out with a some new features, a slow roll out once again but you will get it if you dont have it, the Power Packs are something the fighters were looking for them to add and PAC & the players lobbied hard for this and Zynga actually listened. 

They are basically 8 hour 125% Stamina Packs but there is some thing else they can be used for and that is a health refill of 200% and that is every 10 minutes if you decide to use them for that. So you get 2 things in one with these new Power Packs. 

Now they also added a good thing to these Power Packs, A TIMER !!! YES REALLY, so you will know when you can use a Power Pack again. To see the hospital timer you must go to the hospital  but the stamina pack timer will be right on the game home page right under where the energy packs are. Unfortunately the timer for the energy packs has disappeared but hopefully that is just a temporary issue because they really should have both timers. 

Now some things you should know about them is that you can have up to a max of 10 in your inventory, if you use one you can then accept another one. If you already have 10 in your inventory and try to accept another one it will turn into a mystery boost. You can send & receive them as gifts from the gifting page as they have removed the regular stamina in favor of the power packs. 

You also get to keep the energy packs too so you can use both individually which is going to make for some serious leveling up by everyone who uses them properly. So basically we now have 8 hour energy packs & 8 hour stamina packs. WOO HOO !!! 

The old stamina packs you have in your gifts still work every 16 hours for now but I am sure Zynga will change this one eventually. So for now you have both. 

Now here is something that will not make the players who use Assinator, play on Mafia or use other unframed automated programs happy about the power packs. When you use the new power pack as a stamina pack you will see you stamina rise to 125% on your screen but once you go to use it with these programs, on or unframed you will lose the extra 25% bonus and it will just be a stamina refill. 

Is this Zynga's way of keeping you on Facebook if you want the full bonus, Maybe. Then again it may just be a bug because as you know Zynga has had a history of not being able to proper code the 125% stamina packs as what was seen with the Daily Take fiasco. We will keep you informed on this one. 

Overall this is a great new addition to the game and this is going to be a permanent feature to the game so enjoy them. They seem to be working fine and hopefully they wont break when everyone gets them LOL.

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