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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Show Is Up / Cuba Review & Games Closing & Coming Soon

*** The Show Is Up *** Well Cuba has reopened in Mafia Wars and we go over it and talk about some of issues with it. We also talked about the rest of the game issues & a new game coming from Zynga called Adventure World & some closing, not to mention Facebook news all on the number 1 Social Networking Show on BlogTalkRadio.

I know alot of you are mad at Zynga & Mafia Wars but this is not about Mafia Wars it is about the victims of Hurricane Irene. Please plus this post, like this post and not here but on Get Satisfaction & tell them we want this now on all their games to help the victims who have lost alot due to this storm. Thank you and please share this on your profiles & in your families & clan pages so others can ask for it too.
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