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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cuba Is Now Open !!! Only 1 Bug / Robbing

Well they hinted it was coming and we broke it on our show LIVE is was here it is CUBA. With a new Ruby level to do for new loot items, new Achievement, mastery item & a new mission to boot. 

So we now get to burn all that energy on Cuba as Brazil's Smuggler's Haven is gone and you will need plenty as the jobs only give 3% then go down to the dreaded 1%. Gee what a shock right !!! But they are lower energy jobs if that helps any. 

Cuba will only be with us for 13 days so you need to will have to go nuts just like in Brazil to get it done in time.

This is pretty much they same as it was before only with a new level to do & this will make some players happy if they never got to finish Cuba or vault their collections as now they got a second chance to do so.

Here is some of the new loot items in Cuba and their values.

Now their is one bug, well it is not really a bug but a delay as Zynga is still loading the servers with the robbing feature with Cuba. Some have already seen robbing while others are still waiting. 

The new mission requires you to rob to get certain items but have no fear you can rob in any city and get them and they count. I robbed in NY and got them all very fast as they dropped nicely. 

So have fun everyone !!! And this is just in time for Labor Day and you will be laboring to get thru it LOL. 

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