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Friday, August 19, 2011

More Adjustments From Zynga ???


Well it looks like those people who didn't get early access to Smugglers Haven are going to be quite pissed when they hear that some JOB ADJUSTMENTS are coming again. 

To be honest this one is definitely not fair as it was a Zynga programming error AGAIN. It gave too much XP vs Energy out and now it will be adjusted according to the Mafia Wars Blog. So brace yourselves !!! 

Here is a reprint from the Mafia Wars Blog.

Secret District: Smuggler's Haven
One of the things that makes Mafia Wars so much fun is that it is a living, evolving game. We work hard to release a lot of exciting content and extensively test every feature and event prior to release, but sometimes imbalances don’t become apparent until those features are in use by millions of players. Unfortunately, the XP/energy ratios of the Smuggler’s Haven Secret District is one of those cases and we have determined that they need to be adjusted again this afternoon to preserve the balance that keeps Mafia Wars fun for everyone. The ratios will be closer to those found throughout the rest of Brazil. We want to apologize for the inconvenience, so as a consolation, we will be increasing the stats of the loot received in Smuggler’s Haven. We hope you enjoy the better loot!


  1. oh no.. this is BS... its not right you now roll peeps back ...after all you all released the Smugglers crap....

  2. You people are unbelievable. You have to spout this BS to please your bosses so they dont know YOU SCREWED UP and you want us to take the punishment. At this moment zynga's best response to your inept performance should be to find your replacements. You constantly take away things YOU gave us through you piss poor performance. Yet expect us to remain loyal. $19 a share IPO still in the works? Cause the BBB will have a ball with this after your last fiasco.

  3. fuck it fuck it fuck it zyna suck it !!!
    warhead with love !!! blow me !!

  4. whatever.... you expect anything different????

  5. All they give us is bullshit anymore, but try to trick us again and again into buying RP's. WHY should we pour our hard earned dollars into it when we get screwed at every turn? Hell, if we wanted that, we could go hire a prostitute. Kiss my ass zynga..I'm tired of your shit!!!

  6. What type of cheese do you prefer to go along with your whine,,...let's just rock and roll and play.. ICE ICE ICE

  7. Zynga Sucks and they will always suck..Word to the Wise..

  8. I just wished that they woud get it all right before introducing it to us it would save a lot of work for them and unhappy players