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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Night In Bangkok & New Icing Event

Well only One night left in Bangkok and it is out of business. That means if you haven't got it done yet you better move it and this also includes the mission.

Sad to see it go maybe one day if the games survives long enough it will come back. But for now it will be gone and you will be locked out after tomorrow and then on your travel bar it will say locked out just like Moscow & Cuba. The funny thing is that new players coming after it closes will never know they existed unless players tell them as their travel bar wont even show they existed. 

Oh Well so in honor of Bangkok closing here is a video by Murray Head

Now we also have the new icing event that just started today and to be honest with you all it is not worth the trouble as each week especially this week because they are supposed to be coming out with a new Family Module Event. 

But if you are done with everything else I guess the badge is all you got this the next mission and event.  

So enjoy everyone !!! 


  1. Can we unlock the locked places?

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    Hi Vis Vest