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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blue Eyed Nate The Community Manager Is Leaving Mafia Wars & Zynga

The Community Manager Nate McGee or Blue Eyed Nate, as he is better known as, has decided to leave Mafia Wars & Zynga to pursue greener pastures effective Friday. 

Nate has done more with the Mafia Wars Community to open up the communications lines between the players & Zynga than any other Community Manager in the history of the game and he will be missed. A temporary replacement has been named until a permanent one can be found and her name is Meghan and she seems very nice so far. 

What does this mean for Mafia Wars ??? Not alot the game will continue on as usual as employees come and go in companies. All we can do is just hope the next Community Manager is as open and will to listen to us and try to get things done for us. 

He will not being doing Mafia Wars Live anymore but has assure us that it will go on as usual, PAC will remain and expand as planned, and he has set up a personal page that you can join to keep up with what he is doing and remain friends with him. 

So all I can say is that we wish you the best in all your future endeavors, you will be missed very much. You are a great person and I for one and happy to have known you and hope we remain friends after you escape ZyngaVille. Good Luck Buddy !!! 


  1. Is he taking some of the MW bugs with him? ;)

    Good luck Nate (beer) <- skype friendly

  2. Great post, John!
    We'll miss you, Nate!

    Take a couple cases of Zynga water before you leave!

  3. Keep on Biking Nate... You'll be missed.