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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Weekend From Mafia Wars / Haunted Halloween Missions

Well Halloween is upon us once again and so is Haunted Halloween Missions for us all this weekend from Mafia Wars. 

You have to complete these missions to earn new Halloween loot like an Exploding Pumpkin or a Super Charged Hearse. Plus it could be a great way to pick up those mission achievements. 

Yes we all know the loot hasn't been the greatest with the missions lately but maybe they have been holding back and things will be better with this event. I just hope they don't throw in the previous years crappy Halloween loot with this event. 

So remember the more missions you do, the more Halloween Loot you will receive and you will get closer to finishing all the mission achievements. I just pray we all get Treats instead of Tricks from Mafia Wars. So give it a try and Click Here for your chance to get your ghoulish loot. 

To read more on this event check out The Official Mafia Wars Blog

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