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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Preview Of Italy

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to give you a quick preview of Italy. You really need to have lots of energy and stamina for this one. The ratios of experience spent vs experience earned isn't that great. But the overall first impression is that I have of it is good. 

Italy is very expensive but you make Lira quickly so that is ok. There are 5 sections to complete right now with sections 6-8 coming this winter sometime. 

They have made it now that if you choose an energy path vs the stamina path you will master the job and not have to go back and do both and they have also changed that for Vegas now as well. So in other words if you are an energy account and you do all the energy jobs you will master the tier that way now and visa versa. This does take away from building a better character and those that had to go thru Vegas the old way will not be happy.   

Remember you can still do it the old way of doing the energy jobs, the fight jobs & the social jobs just make sure you don't fight the boss before you finish the other sections or you will miss out on the other bonuses / loot.

Now the properties are good make sure you open them all right away and upgrade them so you can earn the Lira you will need to get thru Italy. 

The collections are very good and offer some nice rewards, a +10% loot drop, +10 attack & +10 defense  to your skill points, +50 to your health & +15 to your energy & +15 to your stamina. 

The loot items so far are ok not great but I am still going thru it so we will have to keep you informed on that one. The tier loot is very good though. Nice bonuses. 

Some of the screen shots of Italy are from Jeremy "Da Irish Kid" Barnes from Mafia Wars Wiki I would like to thank him for sharing them with us all. And to play Mafia Wars

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