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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Limited Edition Halloween Loot Items

Well here is another Halloween Loot Promotion and this really has good loot. Do Jobs and fight to collect your Spooky Loot Items. There is a limit it seems of 10 per loot item. But that is still good. 

Here Is A Complete List.

Devil Costume 55A 27D get from jobs
Pantomime Costume 57A 31D get from jobs
Ghost Costume 32A 56D get from jobs
Zombie Costume 27A 59D get from jobs
Skeleton Costume 29A 31D get from fighting
Vampire Costume 58A 28D get from fighting
Witch Costume 60A 29D get from fighting

When you get all 7, you get the Vampire Bat 67A 34D

So click here to get started on your haunted adventure.

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