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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok everyone the new ITALY jobs & collections have arrived ahead of the destination and full launch of Italy. You complete the new jobs to gain new Pasta Collection & New BOSS OF BOSSES Achievement. 

Here is a screen shot of the jobs : 

Here is a screen shot of what you get for clicking on the jobs news feeds: 

Now here is a the lowdown on the new collections with screen shots: 

There are plenty of other loot items that come with doing the jobs. So far I have only gotten a Guard Vest 17 Attack / 32 Defense but I have been busy writing this blog for you all & will update it as they all become available. For vaulting the collection has a good item called a Home Cooked Meal with a 18 Attack / 68 Defense. 

Yes I know we all hate these things but at least there are no other event but this going on right now so everyone should be able to vault this one pretty easily as it doesn't end till Sat October 16th @ 11:59 PST


  1. More crap to distract us from doing our jobs,I wish they would ease up dor a couple weeks.

  2. 17 A and 32 D is that it, yes a waste of time :( Another poor decision Zynga.