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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Thank You ADE from the MW Loot Lady Blog for use of the graphic

It seems alot of people are having issues collecting Mafia Wars Gifts both in the game and from the gift requests section on their Facebook home page.

This is a real headache for the players trying to collect their broken hearts in the Love Is Hard to Find Event, which was extended 2 extra days so people could redeem all the hearts they have left, & with the new event, Ancient Relics.

The customer service department is aware of this as well as the developers who fix the game. If you are currently having issues please contact the customer service department and PLEASE send them a screenshot so they see it and they will try to help you. 

To submit a customer service ticket please click HERE. And like I said please make sure you give them a screen shot of the error so they can get it fixed for you ASAP. You may even get lucky enough to receive some compensation for your troubles.


  1. all the time wrongs from zynga

  2. They extended 2 days while the hearts get pushed down the gift queue (and out of sight) by mayan calendars and Aztec knifes that wait for the 2nd and 3rd round...
    Wednesday my FB gift list consisted of 100 Maya Calendars :(
    A gift should be something (very) special, but Zynga has turned it into an annoying waste of time - and that's exactly the reason why i quit playing Farmville: inflationary gift exchange and endless struggle for building items. Every time you think you are near another item entered the stage (and the walls).
    This wouldn't be the big problem, the limitation in gift receiving/sending is. Without this, you can take some hours off and process all your gifts but the way it's implemented atm it makes you feel cheap after you get the "Sorry, but you are not allowed..." message.
    Just my 2 cent...
    JD {800HM}}[S.D.M.F.]

  3. Yeah !! I agree with all of it ! The thing that annoys me the most, is the constant popups! every two seconds. I have never played games online that drove you to insanity with refreshing and popups, let alone draining your bandwidth, which by the way you pay extra for if you go over your limited allowance. I can't help but be frustrated and sympathetic at the same time, for everyone involved with these gift errors, as I too have had same problems for past few weeks...

    It almost seems like a task to even bother sending ZYNGA more complaints. I know my list of complaints sent is numerous. Wonder if they keep records of how many complains one customer makes. Pretty soon they be banning you for complaining!! hahaha

    That's my two cent !! also