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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fight List Revamp Coming Soon !!!

Looks like Mafia Wars is going to revamping the Fight List with some nice new graphics but they want your input on what you think and want to see. 

Personally I think the changes are nice it is missing a few things. The fight list while it looks crisp and clean but there are not enough people on the fight list to find LIVE targets. We also would like to see our attack skill (red or green) points up there as that helps the fighters.

It should be interesting to see the final outcome of this and no specific date has been set for it's release but rest assured it is coming and I am sure they will have to do some tweaking after it's release. 

Here are some screen shots of what you can expect :

Here is the link to the forum to leave your feedback on what you think or want to see. Speak up everyone don't be shy.


  1. Great they are going to screw it up again, and I am just guessing they are going to make the change on Thursday...they seem to screw everything else up on Thursday

  2. i think the best way in fight is it should be a fair fight... i mean you will fight at your same level....

  3. same level doesnt make the fighting fair since their is players some 500 levels below me that have better profile stats then me and then some 10,000 levels above me that I crush so making so you only fight your own level doesnt work if they set something like that it should be no more then 200 levels below yours and anything above

  4. levels mean nothing, it is all skills, if anything needs changed it should be the fl itself either make it bigger or access to each list smaller.

  5. Fight at your own level!!! that would be nice!

  6. Maybe there should be several arenas - one for bots, one at close to level, and open slather :) Lots of times, there are NO LIVE TARGETS :(

  7. Fight within ur lvls ! Say within 200 each way. I am really tired of getting my arse whip from "jerks" ( I have better words)that R 1000 lvls or more above me and much heavier stats. All these "jerks" r just running up their stats at the expense of players who cannot defend themselves. And the hits s/b limited to 12 hits total. No more 67 hits.....or more

  8. The fight formula should factor into the selection of your fight list. +/- some mystery number. The idea of people building their fight skills and equipment is so they can win fights. They must be challenged to enjoy the game and to keep building. To do that, they should be in an areana where their numbers are competitive. Since level has no impact on fight ability other then the number of times the person had the opportunity to spend their 5 skill points.

  9. My first comment on this stupid game which I spent so much money for mere tard.

    I like the concept of an arena (use the concept in Vegas), but with certain level of steps which promote if not already in developing your combat skills and your character with certain skill points as a reward(or GP)a promotional process which have a coherent to the game objective since we have none :). Lets call that giving back to the players, since those that wants an edge will continue to buy GP, no worries there Zynga.

    Another, what promotes the popularity in any game is the level of competition which in any game is the objective to be the best or trying. If you guys ever played any RPG game, you know that tournaments are a huge impact to the game which again Zynga should capitalize. Hey why not focus as well in taking advantage on the Clans? Most of the big spender are in the clans *roll eyes* develop a scenario where Alliance Battle can truly be fought. That should keep us out of the FL in most
    "☠♆BKLYN♆☠ BitterSweet"

  10. Fights should be calculated on the ratio of your level to your personal attack/defense stats and then some % for loot. Any asshat can play for years and build to a high level, but if they do not use their skill points wisely, they do not understand the strategy of the game and therefore should lose fights.

    I too am tired of getting ice'd/killed by levels hundreds to thousands of levels higher than myself, but can usually take those near and within 100/200 levels above my 650 stat.

    Even more so when you go to your properties and see your weapon parts have been robbed by those anywhere from 6000 to 10000 levels higher.

    Stupid yet additive game.

  11. Leave it the way it is. I don't expect to win every fight and I'm not gonna cry when I get iced.

  12. My ipad and android phone do not have flash. This plan doesn't work for me