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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Global Mission In Mafia Wars: Crisis In Cuba

Well it look like we are going to have a mission called "Crisis In Cuba". Collect a loot item Prop 4 Plane 65 Attack / 55 Defense from doing jobs in Cuba & fighting in Cuba. Plus if you haven't finished Cuba by now guess what it is 5X Mastery. Plus you will get 10% more cash for completing all the tasks in alloted time frame. 

Also the new mission will drop a mastery item that is very nice called "Embargo Net" 71 Attack / 138 Defense. The new Mission will last a little more than 6 days & you will need alot of Politico Corruptos to finish the mission but you can ask your friends for them. You must be at least a Level 18 to play. 

Watch for more details in The Official Mafia Wars Blog 

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