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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hey Look What Came To Mafia Wars Today !!!

Hey check it out we got some new things today from Mafia Wars today. lets start with some new items for the Lucky Stash Slots. Finally some nice items that we can get from playing the slots.and filling the meter all the way to the bonus spin. 

Next up is that Mafia Wars is giving us a VD special every 8 hours. Yes they are giving us energy refills every 8 hours instead of the regular 24 hours. What did you think I meant, LOL. This is our treat for Valentines Day and ends then. So now we can get 4 energy packs a day, 3 from the new meter and 1 from the fight club and if you really want  1 more if you want to pay 5 reward points & 400 victory coins. Plus if you use the Mafia Wars Toolbar you might be lucky enough to get 3 mini energy boosts too. 

We also have 2 new animals with good attack & defense, the Amur Leopard 69/34 & the Tundra Wolf 37/68. Not sure how we get these yet but my guess would be since they say they come from properties they will either replace the Shoulder Mounted Cannon or they might just come from a possible Zoo expansion being how Zoo is only at level 10 while the Chop Shop, Weapons Depot are at level 15. I guess we will find out but the good thing is they are gift-able & can be put on your wish list. I got 1 of them opening up a mystery bag. So give it a try. 

Thank You Mike Nestor & MW Loot Lady for the graphic.

There will be more changes to come I am sure and I will keep you updated. 

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