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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Facebook Redesigns All Pages To Look Like Profiles

Facebook is rolling out the new page designs and guess what they look like your new profiles. 

The updates remove the Tabs everyone loves and placed them under the profile picture just like on your profiles. But the good thing with this redesign of the pages unlike the groups they left us all the discussion tabs which makes it easy for us and our fans. Everyone was in an uproar over that move. 

More on the left hand side is it now only shows a number of fans and no pictures of them, also you have the various pages you like and are sharing on the page. Gone is the great little feature of the information box and as you already know they removed the Suggest to Friend feature a couple of weeks ago, although it will be available for the admins, but the rest is there under the likes.

The right hand side has a new option if you want to choose it. You can now show the admins of the page to the world. A simple click when you edit the page. It shows your friend likes of the page. 

Plus you can also make it so you can post as the page or as yourself which is a feature alot of admins have been asking for. And if you notice they have put the recent pictures you posted and this can will make for some interesting displays on the pages once every page owner gets to it. 

The page also put the most relevant or liked posts at the top of the wall, which means if a fan posts something if they want it at the forefront they will need other fans to like those posts or it will go down the wall making it more difficult for people to know about them. 

Facebook is offering this as a preview to all page owners so they can tweak it and get familiar with the new redesign. You can check out the blog on this by clicking here & Facebook even came out with a complete manual to help you with your pages . Unfortunately if you dont like it you dont have much of a choice because this is goes live for everyone on March 10th.

To be honest my review of this is new redesign I am giving it a B and I hope they do come out with something to make it so pages dont blend in so easy. Maybe add page themes like the rumor mill is talking about I guess we will see. 

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  1. Facebook Fan Pages put the most relevant or liked posts at the top of the site and raking it.We can send the many links to our friends & check there how many friends like that link.