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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Zynga Wants Your Input On How To Make The Game Better

I am posting this for Zynga, they want to hear from you ASAP on how they can make playing Mafia Wars better for you and they are reading your comments on this one. They are trying to reach out to us.

Please go to their new blog and leave all your comments and please be respectful as they are trying to make things better.

Yes, I know you heard this all before. But they reached out to us this time and I offered to help them lets see what happens.

So please leave your comments on their blog and I will keep you all informed on what they have to say.


  1. Excellent News .. Seems the Blog Radio you Created has Stirred some REAL .. Interest in the Players Wishes as A whole... Not withstanding the Media Interest around it .. Good news And well Done John

  2. Making the game run smooth without glitches should be top priority.

  3. Allow New York money to be used in any city, just like you are doing in Vegas.

  4. please add a "promote to top mafia" button where you have the flash "my mafia" interface on our mw home pages as trying to search through 3000ish members is next to impossible to try to find a certain friend.

  5. please bring back the "remove non FB friends" button

  6. I hate the changes when I fight, I am pitted against players 1-3,000 levels over me. Before I would go to the fight page and fight my equals. I'm am killed every time I level up. It sure took some of the fun out of it.
    Why are we punished when we try to add friends? Some of your new small jobs require that we add new friends. But I was punished for doing so.
    These are my biggest beefs. Signed, A Daily Player.

  7. How about NOT declaring war on your OWN MAFIA,

  8. amendment to the "promote to top mafia" post dated September 1, 2010 4:30 PM if that's too difficult to do then please bring back the link we used to have on our mw friends profiles to "promote to top mafia"

  9. Please fix the help buttons on the bosses in Las Vegas....I don't know of anyone that has the energy or stamina on the gold and ruby level that the bosses have....I have been working on one for a week and she is only half way dead now, and I don't have any consumables left, and it is about to make me give up on the game.

  10. the flash interface on our home page "my mafia" is an awesome addition...except for it rarely works lol (especially the "job help" feature) would be very nice for this component to function as it was designed

  11. Put a limit on how many times one person can attack another. Getting attacked by a person 20 or 30 times that is hundreds if not thousands of levels higher is totally screwed up.

  12. allow a "search" option. i would like the ability to find someone without having to scroll thru 3000+ mafia.
    fewer pop-ups would be great as well...

  13. "Put a limit on how many times one person can attack another. Getting attacked by a person 20 or 30 times that is hundreds if not thousands of levels higher is totally screwed up."

    please don't!!! "excessive attacking" is a subjective statement. it is MAFIA WARS! If you don't want to be attacked either stay under 20 health, or stop adding to your health score so that it doesn't take 20+ attacks to ice you.

  14. Tow things 1) For a while we had a chance to change our top mafia and add others to different levels of our mafia - I was never able to complete that - was there a bonus with that? Please bring it back so I and others can finish it. 2) Change War so that we do not fight our own mafia - that pretty much defeats the purpose. People lose friends and mafia from fighting their own. Thanks.

  15. give us our glitches and energy boosts back, the game was much more fun when everyone could buy cheats from some dodgey indionesian fucker!! fuck zynga for life!!!






  17. Allow us to post hitlist kills.

  18. 1) A mafia management system that is functional would be nice. 170 pages that all start with someone with a name that begins with "A" is difficult to manage.

    2) Multi-gifting would really be nice. At the higher levels, we have thousands of loot we no longer need, and it is next to impossible to gift it away in bulk to newer or weaker players you want to help.

    3) Support that actually READS the initial complaint would help. Often I tell them "I did X, Y, and Z." And their first response is "Please try X, Y, and Z."

    4) "Higher level support" that knows the game would also be nice. I've been told a few times things that are actually 100% inaccurate. The latest episode, in which she now refuses to answer me, is where she did not even know the difference between the gifting page and a person's wishlist on their profile page. And then proceeded to tell me that it is possible to send a gift from someone's wishlist who has NEVER been a friend and NEVER been in my mafia.

    Thanks for the chance to give some input.

  19. First please make it so we can promote our mafia or find specific friends by levels and alphabetically with a button to bring us directly to them to gift or even remove if need be and to promote this is almost impossible ,secondly please put pressure on F.B how can we ADD members for games when were blocked for requesting them ,its ovious by their pages ,avatars or how many friends we have in common that we are gamers.
    the fighting has gotten insane i'm a level 600 today that has been battling level 3-6000 on a daily basis and not much option on choosing .
    totally unfair game play .
    your addition of rivals n fights has enabled poor gameplayers to literally bookmark your links and hit you endlessly for weeks ,i hadly see condoning that action ,'
    the monies spent in the citys ought to count for something i do not have 500 of every item in every city yet no matter hoow many you buy thru fair game play after a certain level DOES NOT increase your stats and are forced to either get beat up and hate the game or become a monster credit card player ,its a recession guys we daily players who have clans n love this game for its interaction cant all afford that ,
    every third hit does not require a Zynga promo ad that slows down game play and eats up browser speed ,we all know where to buy stuff ,lastly my personal account hasnt been recieving or delivering gifts properly for at least 5 months ,has had loot go missing page gifts won by friends from 10-seconds to 10 hours are always gone before i get them and the crime spree hasnt gifted me once over level 45 so what is the point ,i stopped at level 60 it was a waste of time .please fix the gliches before adding more to the mess ...sincerely daily devoted player over a year ,sorry you have many different applications for gifting and recieving in game they are DIFFERENT and should be treated as such not "you usedthis application already today " one day to gift one thing the next to ask for one thing and it takes a week to send n ask for stuff one day at a time is just silly

  20. i used to enjoy playing mafia wars til i was forced to stop playing cuase of some people using cheat scripts and pograms.i like some of the others who play honorably worked days and nights without sleep to get to the level i was on and not to mention spent over $300 on rewardpoints to get skillpoints to build up my character.i hope you can help the other players out with this situation if it is to come to your attention.

  21. also this buisness of getting thrown on the fightlist every time you heal is very depressing .
    after a while you start to think some ones got it in for you lol.

  22. Randy J NeustaedterSeptember 1, 2010 at 8:26 PM

    3 things I would like to see.

    #1 Priority....get the game back to a functional application, it's horrible as it stands now.

    #2 Level out the fight list playing field, as of now it only benefits the high level players. It's ridiculous how lopsided the match ups are.

    #3 The game has had gifting since the beginning. Make everything giftable again that is dropped from jobs. A user friendly gifting application is also necessary for sending multiple items to help your mafia family. How sociable is a game where it's a complete chore to help your friends grow their game characters?

  23. I have to agree on mainly the gifting aspect. It is absolutely shameful for a company like Zynga not to be able to create something better than that. You made something wonderful at one point on part of you gifting system, the envelope. Poker still uses this same method and it is sssooo much easier. It makes me not even want to receive the free gifts anymore knowing how horrible it is and how good it could be/used to be.
    And the 2nd part of gifting, internal. Why push and promote people to build build build and then not give any reasonable way to accommodate it. You cant give away your good loot anymore once you build higher and better, you cant gift the the top tiers of items in the game. I am certain this was done in an effort to stop people from selling and trading the Zynga loot items, but it seems to me that trading has become more than 50% of the reason many people play this game. I know people that trade only to get more stuff to trade.
    I hope that giving these ideas do not turn into what it did last time. It almost seemed like you got every ones input on what would enhance the trading aspect then took it all away. The ability to do it with ease. Seems you got the idea of where exactly the wholes needed to be plugged by doing this very thing, finding out what would make it easier and crippling git even further. Let's hope we are not 2 for 2

  24. it would be nice if parts of the game would quit disappearing while i am playing. Like asking my mafia for help disappears during the game,,,,and what happens to my money i am supposed to get from helping someone else . i get a message that i am getting it but i never see it.

  25. if you are going to stay partnerd up with facebook you need to tell them to ease up with adding friends to your list to play the game i have almost had my account suspended for adding people to get my 501 mafia

  26. Declaring war on someone that's NOT in my mafia. THAT'S the point, to declare "WAR".

  27. Puhleeeeeze give us a way to sort our mafia, search within our mafia to gift, promote, etc. I also miss where you could hover over a player's icon and get their name/link.

    The most absurd development is that FB will shut down accounts if you add too many friends, add friends to quickly, and yet the game requires you to add, especially in some of the newer cities. We run the risk of losing our accounts, by trying to win the game! This is a no win situation. :(

    To ask me to identify the photos of friends of friends, in order to sign on is ludicrous. The very nature of this game has you "friending" MW players you don't really "know" but who will be great MW players to add to your family. I don't spend time going through their photos -- I wouldn't even recognize them!

    I am getting carpal tunnel from all the clicks it takes to accept and gift back mystery bags, etc. There has got to be a better way. This is tedious -- and the word "game" should imply "enjoyable", yes?

    As we progress, we have items in our inventory we no longer need, we have friends that need those items. We need to have a mechanism that allows us to do multiple gifting to those players so our family is strong too!

    I really appreciate the opportunity to give feedback. I hope someone is really reading these and is going to do something about them. From the previous posts, it would appear you are going to come up with a "short list" that should be pretty easy to address. I hope you're not just blowing smoke up my skirt LOL!

  28. Creating a "promote to Top Mafia" link would save some serious time. Also, actually adding the new format "successful heists" to the Safe Cracker post would be a bonus. Right now, even being a level 10 in robbing, I give only a 5% safe cracker rating.

    Gifting - as a high level player (1200+) I would love to gift my lower level loot in a faster manner. The click, wait 3 seconds, click again, can get rather frustrating when giving more than 3 items. Giving us the option to "gift 5" would help. As to the items that can't be gifted, I have no real issue with non-giftable loot, as I loot my fair share the hard way.

  29. Make gifting easier, allow multi gifting.
    Put a end to war on your own family.
    Make a announcement on the GU Snagbar, Is it Stealing or Is it glitches with the missing stashes.
    Level the playing field on fighting by having us fight players 100 levels above & below our level.

  30. It would be nice to be able to use New York cash in all cities... also to give the player the choice as to how much NY cash they want to transfer, If I want to move a billion over to another city I should have that chance, give each city an exchange rate and let us decide how we want to do it. Put an end on open season when it comes to attacks... set it to 100 over or below your level and that is it... Get rid of all the little side games, they mean nothing and if you play them all you do is waist energy playing them just to win loot that will not even show up when you fight someone. put your time into making bigger and better city senoras and don't waist it making little side games that have nothing to do with the game as a whole. come up with a better way to sort your mafia. If I want to check my top mafia to see if I have the right players that is an all weekend job now...

    Thank You for your time with this...

  31. ~No more WAR within family. Eliminates
    blocking former family & prevents facebook wars!
    ~Please allow a multi-gifting tool with more
    ~Missing stashes & GU snagbar.
    ~Smoother game, fight screen not jumping.
    ~Removal of the attackers & rivals.
    ~More level fighting field.
    ~Easy access, like top mafia button etc

  32. Making us add new friends just so FB can disable us is unfair, don't you think? Making us fight by number of friends, in an of itself... even without the promotions to encourage us to get disabled is bad enough... but to add promotions to get us disabled?

  33. Who if God's name could finish Vegas in this lifetime? It will take weeks just to finish one job for a normal player. Hello, Zynga... Normal people are level 400 or so, not level 4000.

  34. (Last comment should have included the term RUBY finish one job.)

  35. Thanks for the War option. It gives me a reason to delete my friends and create bad feelings among friends. Is that what you intended? Every time someone does that, I find them, delete them from friends, block them on FB so they can't refriend, remove them from my mafia, find their MW profile, and kill them in MW. Was that the real reason, that you wanted to create hard feelings?

  36. When u look on the Hit list page it should have the players Lvl so lower lvl people dont try to help a friend to end up some one a 1000 higher and get bullied by that person

  37. How about NOT declaring war on your OWN MAFIA

  38. It sort of looks like the main problems are quite obvious. If Zynga is honestly reading these (as I did) then they already know what needs to be done.

    Fix the situation with adding friends. I am a mother, and a grandmother. When I get messages that literally make me feel like a criminal for doing what I am supposed to do to play the game...well that is just not right. I really do NOT like the feeling I get when the dreaded pink box flashes up accusing me of doing something I am not.

    Trying to find a specific person out of a 1000 is miserable! Not only miserable but impossible. The facebook name doesn't match up with the mafia name. You try looking someone up with one name and nothing comes up at all, leaving us to hunt through page after page of names which are not even in alphabetical order, or level order, or any kind of order whatsoever.

    I don't know about others, but I am getting tired of finding people on my mafia list then being told that I can't do this or that because they are not on my friends list? That does not even make sense. One minute I can gift to John Doe because he is my friend, and then two minutes later I cannot because he is not on my friends list. HUH?

    Declaring war against your own mafia....well seriously....need I say more????

    The allowing of people to bully others. Having two or three people who are hundreds of levels above me, attack me hour after hour, day after day. And half the time I find out it is because someone attacked me and lost and was apparently upset by it? So they get their high level friends to gang up on us. (or one person with multiple accounts). I am not saying everyone does it. But unfortunately enough do to make it no fun to play. Why bother playing if you have to hide ALL THE TIME??

    Gifting....well its just a mess. We all know it, and I am sure Zynga knows it. I am still pretty new. I want to gift to my mafia as much as anyone else does. But how can I when I can only give a few free items...and I don't have enough of my own items for myself already? Even if you had a step system for different levels being allowed to gift more or less free items based on their level. And the ability to gift multiple items, which would make life much easier I am sure for the high level people who are trying to help us newbies. Like someone else said already, why do they want to bother helping their newer mafia friends when they are going to get carpel tunnel doing it?

    From all I have read, it sounds like at one time you had the game going pretty good. People sound like they used to be happy with it. But apparently "improvements" were made. The question is improvements for who?

    I am sure there are more improvements that need to be made, but if you at least start with a few basic larger problems....people will be happier...(yes the very same people that are spending the money that you are making Zynga----it's called keeping your customers happy)

  39. many players are had been banned from FB..hope there's a way we can still access MW without log in trough email

  40. 1) Repetitious clicking. The least you can do is speed it up so I don't have to wait so long to click the same link. Your pop ups also have the worst timing. I almost bought something I didn't need or want for 35 rp because your pop up's "buy this now" link was in the same spot as the link I was clicking.
    2) Searching my mafia. Come know what the problem is. Try searching 1000 through how many pages in no specific order.
    3)Multi gifting. The way you have it now sucks. People gift 100's of items to one person, provide a way for us to do it efficiently, please.
    4)Why can levels 1000+ above me be able to attack me?
    5)Your graphics are pretty and all that, but they sloooooow down loading. All the Try Refreshing? crap makes me swear and cuss you out to no end. Wish you could hear me. :)Try refreshing?
    6)Quit robbing me of my rp with a slot machine that only eats my rp, and rarely gives back as much as I give it. You are NOT Las Vegas. Giving me a semi lame weapon as a bonus prize doesn't make me feel any better, you bastards. lol Try Refreshing?
    7)The graphics on the zlotto stuff and the bonus stuff from the slot machine are not up to par with the other stuff. Give me something that's realistic, edgy and cool. Not some cartoony low detail stupid looking weighted gloves. Try Refreshing?
    8)Pignatas? Enough said. What the hell does a pig, much less a pinata, have to do with mafia?
    9)With all the gifts and mystery bags you want me to send, plus all the new mafia you want me to add, you better increase the number of requests I can send. And why is FB punishing those who add people? Try Refreshing?
    10)Time to update the secret stashes from jobs and the bonus loot after robbing and clearing the board. A Shamrock Medallion or Cigarette Boat doesn't help anyone. Try Refreshing?
    11) If I'm lucky, I may finish Vegas in 2012. Wow..what an energy and stamina hog that is. Are you trying to keep me in place and not advance? It sure seems like it. Some of those jobs require over 100 energy to do 2% job mastery? Come you know who your players are? Really? And stamina? Same thing I said above. Try Refreshing?
    Try Refreshing?
    Try Refreshing?
    Try Refreshing?

  41. I am a Daily Player on Mafia Wars, the problems I am having and heard from others in my mafia is to gift to lower players giving 1 gift than going back through the whole process is to time consuming.
    Another is promote your mafia or deleting a player that has quit playing Mafia is so hard to do. Make it more simple
    I also miss where you could hover over a player's icon and get their name/link and able to add them to your mafia.
    The craziest development is that FB will shut down accounts if you add too many friends, add friends to quickly, and yet the game requires you to add, especially in some of the newer cities. We run the risk of losing our accounts, by trying to win the game! This is a no win situation. That is what the game is about adding higher level player to help you in the game and your limit is 5000 but facebook takes our accounts away and suspends them. That is not right. The very nature of this game has you "friending" MW players you don't really "know" but who will be great MW players to add to your family. I don't spend time going through their photos -- I wouldn't even recognize them!
    Another issue is to make the skill points add up to more than the loot. You would make more money plus than you would not have these off sites selling loot.

  42. my greatest concern of all ---is all the cheating and scripts used to gain game advantage I have spent many thousands to legitimately build up my skills---why can't zynga come up with a simple search program which can spot huge jumps in skill pts /weapons/levels compared to 2 or 3 days before? run it 2 times a week and that should b able to find the many cheats.

    My clan has been fighting a group 4 awhile now so we know the players well and their power levels--They claim their group has "honor". This player lets call him "ed" who was only a level 800 and had about 6k in defensive skill pts. and now he is at lv 1354 in a day and has more than doubled his defensive skill pts.

    THIS STINKS ZYNGA AND I AM SO SICK OF THE CHEATING!!! I WON'T BE SPENDING ANYMORE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS ON YOUR GAME because you company can't find and stop the cheats once and for all. 2OK+ in skill pts 6 months ago used to be big now 50k in skills is the same and 20k was 6 months ago.... There has to be better way to police the game better please find it !!!!!

  43. Dear Dan,

    You can buy as many skill points as you want in a day.


  44. I think that the skill points cost to much why did the sales go off with skill points never see that anymore and the attack and defense bundles are ridiculous in price get realistic with some of the prices in the market place and maybe people would not go to the trade sites to get loot if you would offer stuff at a fair price. Drop the price back to 12GP's on skills and give us 5 and dont charge 60 bucks for a attack bundle you would probley make more money if you were reasonable with prices thats all i am trying to say

  45. To me, what would have made MW perfect would have been Zynga going solo with their own servers, even if I had to pay a monthly fee. It is becoming a burden having to deal with Facebook and their automated scripts that disable accounts just because we post too much. FCS, they call themselves a social network, they allow people to create Clans so they can interact while playing, and then they disable people just because the "system" determined that they were going too fast when posting on walls, or somebody told them that the accounts were fake or whatever? They are making a ton of money too out of this game. If it wasn't for the Mafia Wars players they wouldn't have so many people using their network, so I guess it would be great to see Zynga telling FB to leave us alone and allow us to post as much as we want during our normal game play and stop asking us if we really know the persons when he ask to add them. Of course we don't, but we will after we add them because we all share something, which is the same passion for the game. And if, by any chance, we create multiple mini accounts, bonus for Zynga and Facebook because that means more revenue from the game for both parties! Zynga, if you look after us, we will look after you. You leave us at the mercy of the FB Police and we will all drop the game sooner or later because it stops being an opportunity of having a fun time with other people.

  46. Some pretty valid points being posted. Remove the non fb friends button needs to come back. Also when gifting you have a section where you can write the persons name. how about adding same when searching through your mafia for a person. Better yet why not have the MW and persons name many times I get gifts from people and have no idea who they are and when I go to their page they may have items on their WL that I dont have, however I like to gift then something back and cant due to not knowing who they are. Alot of people do not use their names as their MW name so how about something of that platform.This would reduce the down time searching for the person.

  47. 1. Players should not be able to attack persons who are much lower than them, i.e. Lvl 600 attacking Lvl 200 is abuse - it takes the fun out of the game and discourages active play time.
    - SUGGESTION: Put a limitation on the lvls that can be attacked, i.e. Lvl 200 should not be able to attack anyone lower than Lvl 100 or Lvl 150. If a lower lvl player want to test their strength and attack a higher lvl player fine.

    2. No player or clan should be allowed to attack another player 5 or 10 times repeatedly. I realize Clans often get by with this by asking each one of their members to attack a player, therefore because one player isn't attacking a player repeatedly it can't be reported as abuse.
    SUGGESTION: Allow players to report when they are being repeated attacked by a player or Clan.
    If attacks are being encouraged by a Clan the Godfather or Leaders of the Clan should be penalized or their account temporarily suspended - this is because the leaders of these Clans are the ones who often encourage these attacks.

    3. I'm fairly new to the game, but I'm a daily player, Zynga is always pushing us increase our family, but Facebook will often suspend accounts when they feel you're adding too many friends - it appears suspicious.
    SUGGESTION: Zynga stop pushing for us to add more players, or Zynga make Facebook aware of the requirements for the game and allow allowances for game players. At present it's a conflict.

    4. Develop a better way for gifting. I have lots of low level weapons that I started out with and would love to distribute to my low lvl fam, clicking these gifts individually is discouraging which is why most players use Chucker. When you can gift lower level gifts to new players it encourages them to stay active in the game and grow - the longer they stay in the game the more weapons they'll buy - more money for Zynga.
    SUGGESTION: Zynga should develop a system similar to the Chucker for players to use.

    I just began playing MW in March and I've only missed two or three days of play time. Once when I was ill and twice when I was being constantly attacked by a Clan. I was a lvl 100 and the Clan had members lvl 500 - 800 attack me for two days straight. It was difficult to report it as abuse because three times a day I was constantly be attacked by different players, but they were all from the same clan.
    During that time I no longer felt like I was playing a game because I was constantly being intimidated. I took a two day break to decide whether or not I wanted to stay in the game. Around that time I was going to discourage my sister & friend from playing as well - we were all beginners - I wanted to make sure we weren't getting into something over our heads.
    Happy players are more apt to stay in the game, and encourage others to join.

    I hope some of my concerns are taken into consideration by Zynga.

  48. 1. Allow Chucker to solve the gifting problems for
    mutiple gifts.
    2. Allow SWITCH to find out who someone is to gift
    back to them.
    3. No war on family members. War with others
    outside of your mafia.
    4. Slow down on all the adding to the game,
    hardly get used to one thing and then you
    bring out Mumbai.
    5. Attacking-level 3-400's getting attacked by
    level 1200's +? Get real.
    6. Remove profile links to solve the problem of
    multiple attacks for days on end. Or solve
    the problem and only allow a player to attack
    once per week.
    7. Gifting-Raise the allowable amount of gifts
    sent. I have over 2200 mafia and can only
    gift back 40 of them?
    Debra Kennedy ID#1822210783

  49. 1) search engine on our family page, who has time to go through 50+ pages of family to find one person

    2) allow us to carry over enrgy and stamina on a level up, when you get into the higher it doesnt hurt anything to have a bit extra energy or stamina when u level.

    3) tool bar boosts, if the person is out of energy and has full stamina why does it give an energy boost, what good does an energy boost from 0 do for lvl 300++++, nothing really, from 0 its usually 200 energy or less for a boost

    4) level out the fight pages and hit list page, getting taken off the list by 1300 when your only a level 300 is redicoulous. and put levels up for players hit listed also, save some loss stats for those who cant come close to the person they try to take off the list.

    in all make the game more fun for the average user, and quit worrying about your own pockets, you will still get your money... being the gaming industry is a multi billion dollar industry in yearly revenue, but most forget that fact.

    thank you for the time to allow me to post my rants lol, btw TRY REFRESHING, the loaded revolver is getting sickening when your trying to do jobs, travel, fight, and pretty much everything in game

  50. For fairness & balance...601 of each weapon,armor & vehicle loot items for attack & defense per player...501 for yourself and a 100 to help your mafia family...which means no account can hold no more than 601 of each item... that abolishes the loot vendors...secondly,performance of mafia wars should not be intergraded with other Zynga games..a lot of people have concerns in this regard..pc performance tends to lagg...over solicitation of pop up box during game play...customer service lacks in regards to resolution in a timely manner..finally now you all no why I don't have the customer service live chat option lol
    P.S... how can I obtain new loot fighting players who are closer to my level if you don't provide enough in my fight list.
    Good Karma
    Vin Cool

  51. Frankly, I don't care about getting iced by much higher levels, or taking out a small fry once in a while. I like the new fight page! It's Mafia Wars... kill or be killed... 'nuff said!

    However, as someone who has spent approx. $1,000 on my character, there are some game play issues that I want to address:

    1) Zynga will not get another dime of my money until they come up with a system to protect my investment. Knowing that I can shut down or locked out due to FB issues or hackers, or using a gifting app like Chucker (something Zynga really needs to ignore if they cannot improve on it!) and possibly not be able to recover my account, provides me no reason to ever invest in this game again.

    2) Provide better loot drops on jobs and random pop-up screens. At level 700+, I have no need for fire bombs! Fighting loot drops have been improved since last major Zynga/player forum, and I think it's time to extend that to jobs.

    3) Remove the "Ask my mafia to attack" button, or move it to the bottom of the fight result. It is in the way when I'm trying to fight.

    4) Make Vegas worthwhile! The loot in Vegas sucks. The couple of decent items (e.g., better than Bangkok loot) that do drop are so rare that it's almost pointless. If the Vegas loot is going to be non-giftable, it should at least be valuable!

  52. Kill or be killed no problem to me. Whatever level. If i get hit 1000 times and lose , big deal. You learn fast too.
    It would be handy to have Delete non Friends option back.
    Have the gifting based on Chucker or work with him to install something similar, its a very good programme, to allow multiple gifting.
    Declare War is a good feature, it is Mafia Wars. I never take it personally.

  53. How about NOT declaring war on your OWN MAFIA,

  54. Bring back silverkeys in MB !!!!

  55. Remove ALL the Flash, and anything else that does not work on my iPad.
    Then I could play during breaks between classes, instead of just when I am sitting at a computer at home. I am playing less than 40% of the time that I had been, before I started using the iPad for 60% of my online electronic device 'needs'.

  56. neil dryburgh
    i think if there were half size stamina and energy refils available in the masket place , there would be a lot of people would buy them as a lot of the time when i need to lvl up a full stamina or energy is to much and a lot of it would be wasted , so i have to wait till my stamina and energy build up slowly to do it

  57. I've only spent a few thousand dollars this year. I know others have spent more.

    Right now, I'd like a button or service that tells me when MW is working. Right now, for days, we get the "Try Refreshing" button every minute or so.

    I'm done playing until they fix their effing game.

    My few thousands won't hurt them, when they make millions off people who don't care when the game is BROKEN.

    Love to play. Hope they fix the game soon. Maybe if they quit adding crap before they fix the old crap, it would work.

  58. I never take Declare War personally, either. I just remove the person from my friend's list, remove from mafia, and block them so they'll never FR me again. It's not a problem. Please keep the Declare War button, so I know who I want to remove from my FL.

  59. The pop-ups are fantastic! I had three at once the other day, on top of each other. If only they had crashed my whole computer, it would have been like hitting the jackpot. Like it was, I'm sure it was close. Please, Zynga, make it so we can have more pop-ups. Perhaps we can have 15-45 at once, where we can't possibly play at all.

  60. I agree with all the comments about fighting - I log into MW, wait 30 seconds, die, look at who hit me and it is always someone 1000 to 2000 levels above me and who has defense 10,000 to 15,000 higher than me. Make the fight lists peers. Why do I feel like I live on the fight list while others say they are never attacked. I don't usually fight except in the fight path in Las Vegas. I can't do the DAs or San Juan bosses because I can't stay alive more than 10 seconds and it takes health to do them...

    Second, as many have said, add a gifting tool that allows me to send 10 of an item to one person. You keep giving me all this stuff I will never use or need but force me to gift it away one item at a time. My vault is full of junk others need but who has the time.

  61. You asked for it..... You BREAK the game every time you touch it! I myself am sick of all the BS!
    Gifting doesn't work yet you do nothing to fix it. OH wait you did fix it for a short day or two then broke it again.
    You seem to be to forcing everyone to fight. I don't like fighting. I rather just play the game the way I was playing. Use to play for hours a day. Key word is use to! Now maybe 10 -15 mins a day. You have destroyed what use to be a fun game. You do not know the meaning of fair game play. Some get everything while the rest of us have to beg for it.
    My days of begging you to fix my game are over. If it's broke, I just go back to pogo and play.
    Here's a question for ya... Why on this earth would I pay any amount of money to play a game that is always broke? Step up to the plate, or lose many batters!

  62. Seems every since "BRAZIL" has opened I get try refreshing over and over;I can't even go to the inventory page to gift my loot because I get "loading" and it never does;I've also tried "ZYNGA'S REWARDVILLE" and try to click the free gift "STRETCH" and I get error on page what is the problem? DAILY PLAYER