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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Mafia Wars Wedding

Hello everyone as you all know by now I married the love of my life Joanne Doane on Friday Sept 17th 2010. We had an absolute blast and want to thank so many of you who came and sent your well wishes for us. 

We really want to thank everyone at Zynga who have gone above and beyond anything we could of ever dreamed of. They have done a ton of promotions for us. They sent us stuff to give to our guests, contacted various press organizations but most of all they gave us a nice honeymoon package to go where ever we want. 

So a big thank you to Nate & Michelle from Zynga who worked so hard to make our special day even more special.

Here is the blog the wrote about us :

I would also like to Evil Ed, Jana, Chris, Pistol Pete, & The MW Loot Lady Jennifer from the "The Evil Ed Podcast" who covered our wedding and even have us exchanging vows on it. Please give it a listen and join the page. We had a blast with everyone from the Evil Ed Family and they are and always will be our family. 

You can listen to the show to the show and be part of of our wedding. Just go to the Evil Ed Podcast page and you will see the show on the wall their. Just click and listen. 

We also had pick up the story and they wrote up a nice piece and if you want to see that just click this link

Now I want to share some pictures of our special day and again say thank you to everyone. We hope you enjoy them. 

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your day. Good luck.