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Friday, September 10, 2010

Lets ALL Honor The 9/11 Victims & Families

Hi Everyone,

I have a small favor to ask the whole world to do for me. I very rarely ask for a favor, but today I am. 

I am asking everyone to please use this as your profile picture or for your avatar all over the internet for the weekend in honor of all the victims of 9/11. That includes, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo or anywhere you use a picture. 

This picture, in my opinion is a great representation of our resolve. It shows the sun rising, our flag still waving proudly and the World Trade Center still standing tall. To me, it represents our resolve as a nation and says to the world terrorists that you can not break us and we are still here and that we never forget. We will be here long after you are gone because terror or fear never wins and that we are one nation that will not be divided or fall to your threats no matter what.

It is a small favor but lets show the world we will never forget ALL of the people who lost their lives and we honor them ALL. The events of that day where we lost our fellow Americans as well as the other innocent nations victims The World Center, The Pentagon & Pennsylvania are forever etched in our minds and they will never be forgotten.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

John Sweeney


  1. Done and Done :) Very nice Picture!

    Amanda Alsip AKA Ziva
    TF Admin
    FCF Counsel
    SGN Member

  2. Done & posted...a very heart warming tribute to our loved ones still in service over this tragedy.