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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Will It Ever Be On In San Juan ???

Well it seems the event "It's On In San Juan" is off for the weekend. Zynga is having major issues with it and it is causing other game issues so they have shut it down once again. 

Here is the statement Zynga put out on it

Mafia Wars Sept. 5 Performance Issues

Mafia Wars is currently having performance issues, resulting in long load times (spinning revolver) and white screens for some players.
The San Juan event is currently paused while we work on restoring acceptable performance levels. No progress will be lost for players already participating.
Our operations teams is actively working on resolving the performance issues.
We currently have a forums announcement about the issue
The latest announcements will be posted in the Mafia Wars forums, or on our Facebook Fan Page:!/MafiaWarsFans
Thank you for your continued patience!

Will it come back ??? Dont look like it will this weekend if you read what Jonezie Malone one of the Forum Managers has to say about it.

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Default Performance Issues 9/5/2010

Greetings Players,

We have identified a performance issue that is causing the game to run at a less than optimum experience. We have teams currently investigating the cause.

We have turned off the San Juan fight for all users at this time to assist in improving the unrelated performance issue.

San Juan will be returning in the future when we have resolved the current issue that is causing the increased server load.

We apologize to those that were mid way through the fights and to those who have not yet had a chance to take a shot at the bosses of San Juan.

Thank you for your support.

The Mafia Wars Team

It is really unfortunate this has happened again. They also need to communicate better with all their departments so all their stories match up, Customer service says one thing, the forum says another and Zynga says something else.  I do hope Zynga does compensate all of us who were in the middle of fighting these Bosses as these fight took a ton of stamina & health and that isn't cheap.

They really should stop with these kind of events it does nothing but throw the game into chaos and make everyone mad. But I understand they are trying to keep the game fresh for us but if your servers cant handle it then don't put it out.

I for one am going to be asking for compensation on this event as I used a ton of stamina only to be shut down right at the end of the second Boss when he only had 2000 health left. 


  1. yea i was in the same boat the other day when they took it down. Vargas was almost dead. Did manage to complete Vargas (144,000 took 800 stam) and the 3rd boss (168,00 took 1000 stam) when it came up. Now just to defeat the last gold boss 192,000

  2. They said we would have plenty of time to do it, yet when if finally came back, over 36 hours was already gone. Will they an extra day or two because of their continual screw-ups?