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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here Is Update With, It's On In San Juan !!!

The bosses are back. Last month you Beat the Feds. Now it’s time to take on four crime lords from San Juan. This four-day fight fest starts today, and it’ll take the power and dedication of you and your strongest mafia members to defeat these Puerto Rican bosses. 
Each time you take out a boss – there’s Señor Carazco, General Vargas, Don Ramirez and Big Lou – you are rewarded with Vegas chips, experience points, victory coins and powerful loot. The more bosses you beat, the more powerful your items and bigger your bonuses become. 
San Juan bosses give up some sweet loot when you beat them. These include: Throwing knives (highest value tops at 49 attack/87 defense), an MG Gloss 350 vehicle (57 attack/95 defense), a Night Vision Viewer armor (106 attack, 71 defense) and a Red Piranha (110 attack, 82 defense)
Your boss fights in San Juan won’t be easy. First, you have to finish off bosses in a specific amount of time. Once time runs out, a boss recovers to full strength, which means you’ll have to start over if you don’t win the fight. Bosses also get tougher after every time, so it’s critical that you get your mafia to help you. Friends who help beat a boss share rewards with
you. Don’t forget to help your mafia too. Top helpers also collect the bosses’ loot for helping their mafia win. 
There are three mastery levels – bronze, silver and gold. You must defeat all four bosses to receive the mastery item, an Outlander vehicle. The Outlander increases in value each time you master a new level and tops out at attack 112/defense 58. 
your mafia fight the good fight to collect items, and make sure they are there to go to battle with you in San Juan.

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  1. John, Your Always... Right On The Money!

    The best information is infallible and that's what you get here. Accuracy is everything today and John Sweeney is the one and only authority on all things Mafia Wars and Zynga.

    You've earned my respect and the respect of my family the Dead Presidents Mafia. It's alway a pleasure to read this blog and see your postings to our family page the {DP} Town Hall.

    Richard Hess
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