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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zynga Wake Up And Smell The Coffee !!!

Once upon a time there was a town called Mafialand. It was a good little town. You do jobs, you fight, you rob your enemies, all was good in Mafialand.

Then the money grabbing corporate mucky mucks saw Mafialand was happy and they didn't like happiness they liked greed and destruction. So they came into Mafialand and and changed the small town of Mafialand to suit their needs and desires.

This made the townsfolk of Mafialand very sad. Alot of them began to leave, never to return again. And others just followed along because they were afraid the big bad corporate mucky mucks might just close Mafialand and then they would all be forced to move to Mobsterville and no one wanted to go to Mobsterville as that was even worse then Farmville.

Then one day a Godfather named Don Sweeney from New York came along and decided enough was enough and he was going to fight the evil corporate mucky mucks to bring Mafialand back to the people again. He wagged a good battle using his media connections to give them bad press and as you know corporate mucky mucks hate bad press it cuts into their profits. He then began using his political connections to assist in his war because they hate the government even more than bad press. The war continued with Don Sweeney VS the mucky mucks going after them like there was no tomorrow.

But Don Sweeney was getting nowhere. He needed a better plan..."I got it," the Don said, "I will ask the townsfolk to help me after all it is their town too." But the townsfolk were very afraid of the big bad corporate mucky mucks. They were afraid they would lose the little bit they had left of Mafialand. But the strong Don told them all they had to do was flood the Mucky Mucks suggestion boxes and emails with letters protesting the changes they were making and tell them they were not good. The townsfolk looked at each other scared & confused but finally said OK they would do it.

And the letter campaign began and everyone got into from the little street crew all the way up to the other Mafia Don's. The corporate mucky mucks began to take notice because profits began to dwindle and their investors did not like that.

So one day out of the blue the corporate Mucky mucks finally had enough and began to make things they way they used to be for the townsfolk of Mafialand. The townsfolk began to rejoice as they had their beloved Mafialand back and things were good again.

The townsfolk asked the Don, " How can we ever repay you for all you have done for us ?" The Don just looked at them and said, " One day I may need a favor, not today but one day. And If that day ever comes, all I want is from you is to be there to help me." The townsfolk agreed and they all lived happily ever after. The End....???


Yes this was a fairytale but this is what actually happens in the real world when people want change. The advocate groups just go on and on until finally the corporations cave into public opinion. It seems like this is what we need to do here. I am not asking for a boycott because that is too extreme. Zynga is entitled to make a profit as they are a business and it does cost money to maintain the game and run things for us. But they also need to start listening to us the players and our ideas for the game.

We are the ones who spend the money here, we are the ones who play the game everyday. We know what we like, just ask us dont ASSUME this is what we want because some developer tells you. They dont play the game everyday like we do. we know whats wrong and what works for us. Ask us for Pete's sake.

Zynga you really need to start listen to us, leave our top mafia alone, Stop with the pop up ads, make robbing fairer and take away the restriction from robbing someone back when they rob us, Dont add animals as a new category as they have no place in Mafia Wars. Fix the glitches and bugs before you roll something new out.

And fix the damn player updates to only show jobs and attacks. We dont care that so and so needs a gift or got an achievement or even vaulted something. it is annoying especially from a clan perspective when we need to see who is attacking so we can attack back.

Clean up your forum and stop censoring our comments and deleting them to satisfy your needs. What are you the the gestapo and are trying to control the press so players wont get disgruntled? Less than 1% use your forum because of this and over 20 -30% use outside forums because they get the truth there. And they learn more because they are easier to navigate. I do a better job helping your members than you.

And yes we know this is a click game and you make money by have lots of players. But if you continue to lie to us and do what YOU want and not what WE want you will continue to lose players and money. Why do you think you are still stuck on 7 million DAU (Daily Average Users) and not moving forward. Start listening to us and wake up an smell the coffee before you lose it all.

If you change our Top mafia structure you will probably lose about 1 million players as they are all fed up with your crap. Are you willing to lose us ? I can tell you one thing your investors wont be happy, especially when they find out this all could of been avoided by just asking us what we want and need. You think you have headaches with us then wait until they get hold of you and all your legal woes begin.

I hate having to repeat myself here. But I will continue until you start to listen not just for me but for the millions of player everywhere on Facebook. So if you think we are going away think again. We will continue to flood your emails and suggestion boxes and if that dont work we will flood the phones lines or maybe we will do it all. You dont tell us what you are doing why should we LMAO.

Just fix things please. It is not hard and it will save you millions and probably make you millions too.

I am now asking everyone to flood Zynga with with emails and suggestions. post your displeasure on the forums. Do it everywhere, lets really turn the heat up on them and take our game back. and please share this with all your clans, friends and family. Anyone you can think of to make them listen.

Thank You All For Your Support,

John Sweeney


  1. Hi John, I want you to know that you are absolutely right about Zynga and mafia wars. I have written them letters only to have them disappear, or just as bad get ignored. I do think the only thing that they will listen to is a Hugh flood of unhappy players that are fed up. I wrote to them on several occasions and told them to fix the glitches. I told them to set aside a few servers to run bot programed on and really test their "updates" before they used us as Guinea pigs. As everyone can clearly see they simply do not listen to a few people so I am going to join you in my protesting to them every day. We must bury them with the flood of unhappy e-mails.

  2. John you are absolutely right, and I've been doing as you suggested for quite a while now. I've joined groups, signed petitions that were going around, and wrote more grumpy and disgruntled emails that I can remember. A single person does no good, however if every player of MW actually begins to send one or two emails a day saying what we are all saying, they might have to listen to us and actually do what we want. Otherwise, someone else is going to catch on and actually build a new Mafia Wars game in the style that WE the players want, and then Zynga will be left with nothing but a bunch corporates demanding answers. Hmmm, maybe we need to start taking ideas and trying to find the computer techs to build our own Mafia Wars and beat Zynga at it's own game. But, in the meantime, my unhappy emails will continue to flood Zynga!