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Monday, May 3, 2010

Zynga Are You Really Listening ???

Hello Everyone. I know most of you are fed up and have had enough with Zynga. All The bugs, pop ups, the new double clicks to help on jobs and the list goes on and on. Some of us spent good money on Zynga's games because we liked them and it was fun.

But now the fun is gone, it has become a hassle to play. we have to come back every few hours to get new things, they dont fix whats broken, they spam the crap out of you with pop ups to buy things, they keep changing the games adding more and more stuff and it is hard to keep up. You never seem to answer our questions or fix the problems with the games.

Why has thee forsaken us ?

You continue to change Mafia Wars for the worse. You are constantly flip flopping, worse than John Kerry during his presidential run, in what direction the game is going to go. First it for fighters, then it is for energy players and even offered a one time character change for those so they can keep up with all the energy required in the new cities. Then you say it is going to geared toward fighters but offer no switch back for the 1000's of players who switched.

You say this is " We are listening to you Week ", Well listen to us then. But dont only listen to us but implement some of the changes we suggest. I can say I am listening to someone but if I do nothing about it then it means nothing. Get the point !!!

Try This, consider us your boss and we are telling you what we want you to do to improve the product we have. No, dont like that one, how about this. We are your mother or father and we are telling you if you dont do it we will take away your allowance. HUH you say ? Think about it, we the Players help pay your salaries and bills so if you still want your allowance or pay check you have to do what we want or we will punish you by not giving you anymore money. No money means you dont get paid, you cant pay your bills and you dont have food on your table because you have no money. HMMM, Sucks dont it.

You are pushing 1000's upon 1000's of people away from your product. Your fan base is consistently dwindling because you dont listen to your customers needs. You do what you want because your arrogant and think we will just stay here and take it. Look at your numbers and you will see I am right.

We are glad you have scraped some things like the top mafia changes & the email requirements but you have a lot to do to fix things. The pop up changes are a big issue. we dont want them but you do. We are not saying we dont want you to make money but that is the wrong way to do it.

You came up with one idea to change it which could be good, but how about this. Use a ticker tape type box that scrolls across the top with what you have available in market place and hourly sales of things. That way we will always see it and if we see something we want we can click on it and it will bring us to the marketplace to buy it. you still have your products out there but it doesn't disrupt the game for us, especially when we are fighting or trying to defend ourselves.

We know you want to roll things out to try and make the game better but you are doing it wrong. When you come up with a change like this new "Street Wars". Get a number of Clan Leaders, like myself, and just regular everyday players who have experience playing the game, and let them test the changes first. Then take their feedback and use it to refine the changes and fix any bugs and then roll it out. This way we know it works and this will be be fair to all.

We do appreciate the fact that Erik one of your developers came online on a Sunday to address some issues we have and explain some things. That was a good thing the bad thing was he did it in the forum where hardly anyone goes to get information. Next time maybe tell us in the game, as a message, about a developer or manager coming to the forum to address us along with the time & date. Also put it on your Facebook page so more people can see it and you can get more feedback.

If you want to see what Erik had to say go here :

The main place you need to communicate better is in customer support. Hire more people or have a call center take calls and try to fix customers issues LIVE. And if they cant fix the issues they can send up to a higher level to address the issue. But the one thing is you must keep the player informed so they know and feel confident that their issue will be resolved in a timely fashion. But you must get the issue resolved not just say you will and have the issue swept under the rug. If you need help setting this up let me know I will gladly help you.

I see you are trying to get your act together and this is the only reason I dont support any boycotts of the games. I think if you start communicating better you will see people will be more receptive of the changes because they will know you have taken our feedback and have used it.

Lets make " We are listening to you Week " become " We are listening to you and will get it right Week "

Thank You

John Sweeney


  1. Totally agree. They really should have a number of "player representatives" when they feel like they have to change something - even though the changes I'd like to see would be a series of rollbacks.

  2. I sent them a suggestion once that suggested pretty much the same thing only I suggested that they set up some computers playing mafia wars and set them to auto play. Have one dedicated server, that has the proposed updates running, service the auto playing computers that hammer the game and run the game non stop for a week or 2. Collect the data hourly and see what issues pop up. Well I guess that they thought it would take to many brains to do what I suggested, so again it never got done.

  3. You have been ZYNGED! don't you understand that ZYNGA started out as a study of how much a person would put up with before getting disgusted and quitting. The term "Zynger", which meant playing a practical joke on someone was expanded as "Zynga" a site where people are messed with and frustrated to gauge their reactions. This ended up becoming a profitable endeavor because not only did people like being mistreated, but they were willing to pay for it. So, instead of shutting this study down the University decided to incorporate it and use it to fund itself as an ongoing study in human dynamics. Therefore the only conclusions that can be drawn are that; You Have Been Zynged :-)