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Friday, April 16, 2010

An Open Letter To Facebook & Zynga

To The Management Of Facebook & Zynga,

I know this open letter will probably fall of deaf ears as we, the Users of your site and Players of your game, dont seem to really care about what we think, but here it goes anyway.

I think you really need to start interacting with your customers more. If you want to make changes ask us how we feel about it. It doesn't take alot to put up a questionnaire and distribute it to the users of your site & game. Just ask us what we like and dislike and what changes we would like to see made to improve our experience with your products. You might be surprised by what answers you receive. And you may even make people happy.

Now let me address each of you separately starting with Facebook.

You say this is a social network, a fun and easy way to communicate with your friends, family & the rest of the world. Well you can do that with Facebook but, the problem is that when we do it too much, you complain. You also have a bad habit of disabling your users accounts when they interact too much or try to communicate with their friends too much in your eyes. Why, they are their friends ? How can that be wrong. For some people in the world the internet is their only means of communication. And Some people really like to talk and this is one way that they can talk to everyone at once. Let me ask you something, did you know that for some disabled people this is their only way to talk to the world and feel like they are on an even plane with the rest of us. Yet you disable them too for trying to be part of the world. Not a good PR move on your part.

How can you you call yourself a social network if you wont let us socialize. I know your answer is that people complain they are getting too many messages clogging up their news feed or unwanted messages from people. So what if they dont want the messages. If they dont want the contact they can hide the person's feeds, they can unfriend them and they wont hear from them again. Why disable someone for sending messages to someone who had to approve them in the first place. Think About It !!!

You say the gamers news feeds are clogging up the news feeds. Well I agree there. But you can fix that real easy just make a dedicated news feed for games. Yes 2 news feeds. It is not hard all you do is have your programmers go to the main template of site and add a new tab & call it Game news feed then just redirect all game news feed and posts there. See Problem solved with 3 hours worth of work for a programmer. Your non gamers are now happy and so are the gamers.

Bottomline here is you need to look at Facebook like you were a regular person. And think about what you would like to see here. You need to communicate and make it easier for us to communicate with you. It is not hard, just ask all the cell phone companies, cable companies and other big businesses in the world. You also need to let us be ourselves and post what we want as long as it is clean and not offensive. Stop disabling everyone for communicating with THEIR friends and groups they join. This Is a Social Network Remember, Let Us Socialize.

Ok Zynga I didnt forget you. You really need to get your act together. The glitches and problems with this game need to be fixed. You claim you have some of the best programmers and developers in the world working for you. I dont see it. Your games have more glitches and issues than I have ever seen with any product on the market.

Alot of us spend good money to play your game. All we want is a game that works properly. Try this fix the glitches then roll out new stuff for us to try. You constantly feel like you have to keep rolling stuff out to keep us interested. NOT TRUE make a game that works when we play it and we will be more likely to play more and then we would welcome new stuff.

Here is an idea. Try asking the users what we want in the game. Stop letting your developers come up with the same old thing everytime. You too will be surprised by what kind of ideas the users and clan members come up with. And dont do it in your forum do it right here on your Facebook page so it is easier for the people to find.

It seems everyday there is something with your games. I get emails everyday from members of my clans and other clans asking me if I can help them because you dont answer them. They hope i can fix their issue and alot of the time I can. Why because I have to keep up with the glitches and fixes for myself as you dont communicate with your users. You send out that silly form email to them and it never has the proper solutions. Your forum is a complete mess and you can never find the answers you are looking for there or on your support page unless you have an hour or two to look thru everything.

Dont tell us you cant do it because companies smaller than you do it on a daily basis because they now how important the customers are. Without the customers they are out of business. Time for you to step up to the plate.

I can go on and on with what need to be fixed and the problems for both of you. But I think you can get the idea from this. While both of you have a good product, it can be better. Try working on it and you will find you will both make more money and more importantly you will keep your customers happy.

Thank you for listening to me and this is not only being posted her but it is being posted everywhere on the internet. Not only by me but by lots of other people who feel the same way. Dont be surprised if this makes it on the news as well. Again thanks for at least looking at his if you do.

John Sweeney

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