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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things You Should Know About Facebook !!!

Hi Everyone,

There have been many changes lately with Facebook that you should be aware of. So lets get right to it.

As most of you are aware Facebook has changed things again. They are trying to change the way the web is and are leaving you vulnerable. This You Can Fix !!!

There is a new privacy setting called "Instant Personalization" that shares data with non-facebook websites and it is automatically set to "Allow." You Can Shut it off dont worry. 1. Go to Account 2. Privacy Settings 3. Applications and Websites and find Instant Personalization Pilot Program

Control how select partners can personalize their features with my public information when I first arrive on their websites. And click edit settings then uncheck Allow select partners to instantly personalize their features with my public information when I first arrive on their websites.

If you want more info on this please go here for all the facts.

Now it seems Senator Charles Schumer of New York has come out against the new Facebook Changes and wants the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) to look into the mater as well.

A press release from Schumer's office announced that he has written to the FTC to ask that the agency "examine the privacy disclosures of social-networking sites to ensure they are not misleading or fail to fully disclose the extent to which they share information...(and) provide guidelines for use of private information and prohibit access without user permission."

Finally the big boys are looking at things to protect us and them ( More Them ) as well. For the full story you can read it here :

And there is more is more my friends. And this is why you really need to protect yourself.

1.5 million Facebook accounts offered for sale.

Yes you read this right. In their latest “Weekly Threat report”,VeriSign’s iDefense Intelligence Operations Team has profiled the underground market proposition of someone claiming to have 1.5 million compromised Facebook accounts available for sale.

You Need to protect yourself and dont make any information on your profile available to hackers. How you ask ? Well first you can hide your email so only you can see it on your profile. Dont let anyone use your account except you. Dont fall for the get free reward point groups or any groups that offering something to good to be true as they are scams just to get access to your account and your friends accounts when it says invite friends. You can also change your password directly on Facebook to include Capital letters/ numbers & symbols as hackers programs cant get them to work when you do this. eg... Country1%# . Also dont fall for those emails to change your passwords as hackers use this to gain access to your Facebook account & they use it to try to gain access to you banks and other sites as well. never respond to those emails and that will keep you safe as well.

In general to be safe just dont share any information with the outside world unless absolutely necessary. And never share your email with anyone on Facebook. I never ask for it when I do my pimping lists for that particular reason.

If you want you can read this from CNET from one of the reporters there on their feelings on the changes Facebook has made :

So it seems like everyone is now watching Facebook and how they do business. Maybe when they will make their next set of changes they will think it through better and think of the members first. Ahh,Who am I kidding now, they wont it will be business as usual. But the bottom line here is that you are properly informed and to keep you all safe.

Please feel free to share this with all your friends as we want everyone safe and informed.

Thank You And Have a Great Day,

John Sweeney

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