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Friday, April 23, 2010

Now You Got Me Mad Zynga !!!

Ok Zynga I was very nice in my last letter to you but, you dont seem to care. Now you have really ticked me off.

I posted the letter to the forum in the proper locations. I didn't violate any rules but it seems your moderators have taken it upon them selves to become the gestapo and censor me by removing it and I notice I am not the only one there are many more who get censored for saying whats on their mind. And you wonder why only 1% of all gamers use your forum's for any game.

I am A nice guy and help 1000's of your players because you dont. I do it for free too. Why you ask? Because you wont do it all you care about is us spending our money on a game. When we ask for help resolving an issue you send us a form letter saying you are working on it and will get back to us soon. Or you do one better, and I love this one, You ignore us as if we dont exist and there are no problems with the game. So I help my group members and any other person who needs help.

You better wake up and smell the coffee. You have issues you never fix with the game, you have customers who pay good money on your games even in this down economy & you ignore them like some rich snob who looks down on the help and the average person. What we dont count in your world? Well guess what, if it wasn't for us you would be out of business. We Support you, We help you pay the bills. You dont put food on our tables we put the food on your tables. So wake up will you.

You need to start listening to us and what we need. We are not asking for alot, we just want a game that is glitch free. We want you to stop with all these pop ads that come up as we are playing. We want you to ask us for our ideas on how to improve the game instead of coming up with all these really bad features. If the big games like Electronic Arts can do it why cant you?

We are not say dont make money just put your ads someplace else. Stop ignoring us and listen to the ones who put the money in your pockets and support you. And you really need to revamp the forum's into something that is more user friendly and maybe communicate on there more. Stop hiding from us. Clean house there if you have to and put people in charge that care and will listen to the players and not censor them. Last time I checked this was America and you were an American company & there is something here called freedom of speech and expression.

Oh if you say you are losing money that is bull. I saw the Business week report on your company. $ 350 Mill In profits even after all your expenses. Good thing you are a private company and not a publicly traded Company on the NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges because then you would have to listen to your shareholders or be voted out or taken over.

Remember you have a very good product and with the proper management and some work you can do very well. Try It You'll Like It & you will make more money.

So get you act together and start doing what is best for your customers. Start caring or you will find you may not have much of a company left when the dust settles. Also Just so you know this letter is going out not just on Facebook but everywhere, TV, Radio, Print & across the internet so the whole world can see how we feel. Sorry but if you wont listen maybe bad press will snap you back from you fantasy world you live in where you think your crap dont stink.

And to those of you reading this letter please share it with everyone you know. Lets turn the heat up on them. Share it with the world and get the word out that " WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE "

Signed A Disgruntled Player Who Spends Money On the Game ,

John Sweeney

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