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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Rumor & Facts About : Facebook is rolling out new scripts that are targeting identification of foul language, racial slurs.

Alot of you have seen this message going around and are wondering if it is true.

Facebook is rolling out new scripts that are targeting identification of foul language, racial slurs, and other offensive / abusive comments and those that have evidence on their walls will be removed from Facebook. Also, if a group is found to have any abusive language on any of its walls it will also be removed. I am asking that each member please check your walls for any thing that might be considered offensive and clean it…scrub the entire wall....yes that can go back months for some! I don’t want to see someone lose their account for this."
Well here is what i found out.

This is partly true. Yes Facebook has been cracking down on offensive sites and even deleting them,but they have been doing this from day 1 of the site. This I think this latest crackdown is due to the increased scrutiny they have been under by the public, news agencies, & the government.

They have yet to put scripts in place that targets foul or offensive language. Even they cant say what is foul language, racial slurs, and other offensive / abusive comments as it is up to the individual to say it is and everyone has a different view on it.

Facebook at this time, from what I have researched, is still relying on the users to flag an item they find offensive and report it. Then they will look at it and make a determination on a case by case basis. Sometimes it takes a few hours and sometimes a few weeks as with almost 500,000,000 users it is hard to keep on top of it.

They do try to keep on top of things and delete pages and groups for these infractions but like I said they rely on us the users to alert them. Will they one day start using scripts for this ? I hope not as we dont need Big Brother telling us what is foul language, racial slurs, and other offensive / abusive comments. We are all adults and should be free to say what we like and monitor and regulate ourselves accordingly.

Do I think we should report these things ? I say yes to some and no to others. I say yes we should report any racial or hateful groups or pages. I might even flag someones comments on their profile if it racial or hateful. No one this day and age should have to be subjected to that nor should it be tolerated. We are all people and bleed the same color blood. We all have emotions we laugh, we feel, we cry, we are all Human. And in my opinion we should be treated equally based on that and that alone.

As far as language who am I or who are you to say what is inappropriate. I use some of that language in everyday life just like most of you. If you dont like someones use of colorful metaphors dont associate with them, delete them and block them if you want. Then you wont have to be subjected to what they have to say. We do have something called freedom of speech here in America and unfortunately we do also have freedom of expression so these hate pages & groups will not be going away anytime soon.

To be honest with you as far as my groups and pages I run I dont allow those thing to be posted on my pages & groups. I delete them and ban them from the sites if after I warn them to stop & they continue. I do it for my own reasons and that is because I do have kids that use the pages & groups and I dont want them to be subjected to that.

So will Facebook be disabling & deleting accounts / pages / groups for this? The answer is yes & no. They will take action if enough people flag issue ( racial slurs, and other offensive / abusive comments ) & some times as far as just language they might take action and they might not. They do take each complaint as I said on a case by case basis. So just monitor it yourself. If you want to be safe until this is fully investigated just dont allow that on your profile, pages & groups and try to curb your enthusiasm.

So as far as Facebook making scripts to curb this there is no direct evidence to support it so this is a rumor pending further investigation.

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