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Friday, May 7, 2010

Zynga Really Is Listening !!! Plus some other stuff for you.

I want to thank you all for reading this blog. I hope it has been helpful for all of you. I have also now created a new page on Facebook so you can tell me what changes you would like to see and any problems you are having with Facebook & all the Zynga games. A sort of place to vent your frustrations but I ask you to please keep all you comments free of any curses or personal attacks as I will delete those posts.

The name of the group I have made is called the Facebook & Zynga Forum Group

The Discussion threads topics are easy to find and just post your concerns in the proper threads. If they are not in the right thread they will be moved to the right one. Any extra thread that dont belong will be deleted. SORRY, but I want to keep it clean and easy to use.

Now here is the kicker, Your comments & suggestions are being looked, at not only by me and other Facebook users but by Zynga Developers, moderators, management & it is also being looked at by Facebook. I am also submitting all your ideas directly to both of them.

As you know we haven't heard much from Zynga on what we changes we would like to see, the bugs the games have and the lack of support on getting things fixed. So what did Zynga do ?They started to communicate with us and ask us what changes we would like to see and they asked us what concerns and issues we are having.

WHY you ask ? I wish it was because of me LOL but I think they felt it was about time to. They have been steadily losing users & money. They saw they writing on the wall and said it is time we get feedback from from the people who keep them employed and keep food on their tables. I also know for a fact some of the developers felt it was about time they came out and started to communicate with us all. So they did and started telling us they have made mistakes and the happenings, process behind the game & most importantly the asked for feedback.

While the changes wont come right away they will come. From what I am hearing from some developers is that they will take the best ideas and try to integrate them into the game. Yes the POP UP issue as well. They are also working as fast as they can on getting the bugs fixed. So lets see what happens and if they dont take us serious well I will have to step things up a notch and really turn the heat on.

Ok now let talk about some other things :

1. Alot of you are worried about The Snag Bar, This toolbar is for Farmville to snag gifts from the players feeds. It is NOT for Mafia Wars. It does not snatch loot from your Mafia Wars Account or interact with Mafia Wars. And the people who you see using it when you check are just Facebook and Gamers Unite members who have it and they are not hackers. You do not need to delete them. This was just a rumor started from what I have researched to stop people from using this bot because some people feel like they were being cheated by other Farmville players. So You Can All Relax It Is Just A Bad Rumor !!!

2. The new security codes are just that. Codes to protect you all. Here is some information Straight from the Zynga chat room on skype:
[5/5/10 8:00:23 PM] Jill: bird's the word that you should all make sure that everyone should grab their 10 digit codes that are starting to show up in game.
[5/5/10 8:00:40 PM] Jill: this is critical especially for anyone that was unwilling to share their email addresses.
[5/5/10 8:01:00 PM] Jill: be certain not to share your PIN 10 digit code as these will not be compensated or supported if lost.
[5/5/10 8:01:12 PM] Jill: Sorry I can't say more at this time. long and short is this will assist us to directly tie your account assets to you so that nobody can phish or steal your account and claim it was theirs.

If you come across a 10 digit code while playing mafia wars, SAVE IT!!! It is your PIN number and is unique to your account. This will help identify who you are in case your account is hacked or stolen. So please heed this warning! when the game gives you a 10 digit code, save that number and NEVER share it with ANYONE!

It has never been stated it will used to help you transfer your account over to a new Facebook account in case you are disabled. Or anything else so far. Dont get me wrong I am sure it will be able to be used for that but I know Zynga wont admit it as of now.

One thing is true you will get a new bonus for using it everyday. So far we have gotten +3 attack and I am sure there will be more. So save that code and dont share it or post it on Facebook or your pc just to be safe.

3. !!! As most of you know there was a site that had Mafia Wars and Zynga pulled it from there. Most migrated over here to Facebook. Yes they were compensated to come here and were given a special code. But most had been playing there for a couple of years and had spent alot of money on their account so it was only fair they were compensated to come here.

Why did they leave ? Well there are a number of reasons some fact some fiction. I will only go into the facts I have found out. It seems like the platform over there was very unstable and the servers couldn't take the load. Zynga could get the bugs worked out due to the unstable platform. Facebook's platform is much more stable than any other one out there so they migrated them here. Also it seems there are some major legal issues with as they are being investigated and sued for email phishing by the federal government and some states such as New York. I am told that Zynga didn't want their users to just lose everything if that site does get closed down hence they came here.

4. Now this just boggles my mind and is annoying. Have you ever seen those sites that say you will get free reward points or big high end loot if you join them. I wont name any but you have seen them. So you join them hoping to get your share, you follow all the instructions and invite all your friends. Then you wait and wait but you still dont get anything. You are scratching your head saying whats up where's my stuff ? GUESS WHAT ? You have just been scammed. You have had your email phished and if you you gave your friends emails out you just exposed them to the hackers too.

And what happens next ? One day you go to your game and find you are missing stuff and your numbers are way down. Who do you blame ? Zynga of course because it is there fault, they had a glitch or bug that got you right. WRONG you have been hacked by that stupid site you went to to get something for nothing. And if it happens to your friends guess what you help them get hacked too.

Please remember the only way to get free reward points is from Zynga not some crappy site that says they can get them for you. You cant get them from anyone else without putting your self our your friends at risk. So please dont join these sites and dont recommend them to anyone else keep your self safe.

Well That is all I have for you today. I will keep you up to date on things as they progress. I also recommend that if you know anyone who are having issues with Facebook or a Zynga game that they come to my new site above and post whats going on. Sometimes we can help with out you having to go to Facebook or Zynga for help.

I am also asking that you please become a follower of this blog & ask your friends to as well. If I can get enough followers I can write about these things Full Time for a major company on the internet and then I can really keep you informed and get changes done.

Thank You All For Your Support,

John Sweeney


  1. I just want to say Thank you John !! I do appreciate everything you do for your friends !!

  2. Thanks for all the updated info!! :)