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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Issues Are You Having With Mafia Wars That You Would Like Fixed.

Hi Everyone, 

As most of you know we are a proud member of PAC ( Players Advisory Committee ) and we were formed to be liaisons for you the PLAYER with Zynga. While we can not fix your game issues on the spot we do have the ear of ZYNGA and we are working with them to get issues resolved quickly.

We have created a new topic in the discussion thread for you on our Fan Page.

Please let us know what issues you are having and we are going to be adding them to our list we send to Zynga every week. We will also let you know what Zynga has to say about the issues and give you a time frame on when those issues will be worked on and resolved. 

While some issues may not get attention right away they will be addressed and we will try to get you the best information we can on them. 

If you are having a particular issue please do me a favor and tell me step by step what it is and what happens when you try to do it. Dont just tell me Zynga Sucks and they need to fix it.

The more information I have on your particular issue the better I can explain it to them and get some action for you. If you have already filed a Customer service ticket please give me that number along with the explanation so we can go back to them and try and get you an answer on it. And if you dont feel comfortable posting that info here feel free to email me directly at

We are trying to help you and want you to have the most enjoyable experience you can playing Mafia Wars. While we are NOT employees of Zynga, we do have their ear and they are communicating with us on a daily basis. So let us try to help you.

Thank You 

John Sweeney 


  1. Bart Paeleman - {ΛΩΔ} gєєkdăddy ª³March 9, 2011 at 1:20 PM

    No Player Updates. I only see who hit me in my attackers, and see nothing on the front page in both Player Updates in the bottom or Mafia Activity on top. This already happened 3 times, I already had it fixed 2 times by Live Chat Support (who routed to the developers) but now again when Cuba was locked, it is broken. Getting a bit tired of this...

  2. The fight list is a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I would like to see the stashes get to the people they are sent to instead of vanishing!!!!