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Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Weekend Mock War

Hosted by:  Chainsaw Chester of [MIG]
Start: March 17th at 10:00AM Zynga time (PST)
End: March 20 at 11:59:59 PM Zynga time (PST)
Loot and Lotto sets and other things will be given away.
Sponsored by The Informant Podcast, Spockholm, and Charlie Sheen (not really)

Well if you missed the Love Hurts Mock War, the first sanctioned Mock War by Zynga, you missed a great time. 

Here comes the 2nd sanctioned mock war from Zynga, The St. Patrick's Weekend Mock War, and boy has Pistol Pete from Spockholm sure made registration easy this time. 

To Register:
  1. Open Mafia Wars in Chrome or Firefox or Safari Unframed 
  2. Paste the following in the address field and click the Enter button:


3. If you want to be in the drawing for free stuff, check the box 
4. Click the Accept and Register button
5. It should say Registering and then Registering Complete
6. It will list your Team name underneath

The two teams are:
Kilkenny Killers vs Plastic Paddy's

Then go to the the St. Patrick's Mock War Fan Page and click LIKE. That's it you are done now you can sit back and just wait until the event date and that is when you will get your Spreadsheet of your targets for the Mock War. 

A real simple sign up process thanks to Team Spokholm. So come and mock with the best of them you will have a ball. You might even win a Kool prize in the end.  

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