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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BREAKING NEWS MOSCOW CLOSING / Massacre in Moscow - Mission Event

BREAKING NEWS .... Moscow is closing March 10th 

New mission to kick off the closing called 
Massacre In Moscow

Here is the 411 on it from the support site. 

Massacre in Moscow

Updated 03/02/2011 06:24 PM
Massacre in Moscow - Mission Event
Seasons change, and in March, Mafia Wars will change in an unprecedented way.
Q: Moscow is closing, why?
A: We have some major things coming up in March, and part of the storyline involves the closing down of Moscow.  'The Neo-Imperium, fresh from their success in controlling the Moscow Underworld, turns its sights to controlling the Russian Underworld.  They have commisioned a team of hitmen to assassinate the leads of the Moscow Mafia in a show of force.  You are one of the leaders that is on the hitlist, and you need to track down these hired guns and get to them before you become the next fatality.'
Q: What do you mean closing?
A: Moscow will no longer be accessible. It will be grayed out on the travel menu and any attempts to get to Moscow will be stopped with a popup.  You will not be able to vault or revault Moscow collections.  You will not be able to collect from Moscow properties or access the Moscow bank.  You will not be able to complete Moscow achievements.  You will not be able to fight or rob in Moscow.

Q: When will this happen?
A: Moscow will be closing on March 10th.

Q: Is this permanent?
A: Moscow will be closed for the foreseeable future.

Q: What if I have finished Moscow already?
A: In order to complete Massacre in Moscow mission, you will need to loot Snow Resist Layers. This will only drop in jobs and fights (but not robs) in Moscow. Completing the mission will award you with the Special Mastery Item, a Snow Cat (144 Att / 72 Def). 
Q: What if I haven't finished Moscow already?
A: In addition to the Snow Resist Layers, you will receive 5x Mastery on unmastered jobs. Mastered jobs reward you with a skill point.
In addition, there are Mastery Items for mastering each tier (Barsuk SUV, Karpov, Ex-KGB Bodyguard, Cossack Arored Vest, ZPR Pulemut and the Drakon) If you haven't vaulted the Moscow collections, each of them offer a permanent addition to your skill.
*Prison Tattoos Collection initial vault = + 6 Defense
*Matryoshka Dolls Collection initial vault = +7 Energy
*Russian Leaders Collection initial vault = +4 Attack
*Vodka Drinks Collection initial vault = +4 Stamina
*Soviet Memorabilla Collection initial vault = +10 Health
*Faberge Egg Collection initial vault = +8 Energy
There are also Moscow achievements that offer a skill point for completion.

Q: What if I don't finish Moscow in time?
A: Your Moscow progress will be frozen.

Q: I like fighting in Moscow!
A:  The Moscow version of fighting will also be closed for the foreseeable future.

Customer Support is not authorized to offer any compensation to players who do not complete Moscow before it closes.  If you have any feedback or opinions about this event, please visit -


  1. Maybe its an end to mafia wars?

  2. moscow is the most exciting part of mafia wars... if moscow will be gone... mafia wars is not as good as it is taday (0_o)

  3. Why not close down tired old New York

  4. NY will not close due to the properties producing animals/armour/weapons/vehicles.
    I'm finished Moscow, so no issues from me....

  5. Another reason for NY not closing down is its mastery items which are not weapons but other things which are helpful later in MW.

    Besides, it is closing down story lines as there are many cities and games has become heavy. There is nothing worth getting in cuba & moscow except mastery items.

    Regarding fighting in moscow, i hope zynga will launch that idea in some other city.

  6. But I like having Moscow! I use all the money from the properties to heal myself.

  7. There's just one problem with this new mission. Some of us can't access it at all because it is not appearing anywhere in Missions. Plus, for those of us with this problem, the "Little Too Late" mission is labeled "expired" when we have completed it on time. what's going on? Some players, like myself, have completed Moscow LONG time ago.

  8. There is a newer city called Tokyp coming out and also another on the australian Frunt so they need to make room for all the players and the citys

  9. Sounds good to me...both Cuba and Moscow were just taking up server space..Just hope they work out the glitches before they release the new stuff. Are they getting rid of Bangkok as well?

  10. damn all those pesos gone and now the rubles too